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Smart learning and Smart People

Updated on May 10, 2016

Well, The reason for this us people are learning the things very smartly. With the more advanced technology, people are getting advanced also. People start using mobile phones for booking the cab.

The World is changing at very fast pace. If anyone does not match up with this pace, that will be left behind. Every country in the world is becoming advanced in the Information and Technology. A country becomes advanced only when people living in that particular country becomes smart. Smart people brings changes in the society.

Often times the difference between knowing and guessing goes unnoticed.Today these principles are being used in many advanced study programs

Read books, online material , and other tools for becoming smart. To become smart you need to be updated with latest news, information and technological changes. If you are educated or skilled both are different things. To be skilled you need to be smart and learner. Once Steve Jobs said, There is always new thing to learn everyday. Back in ealry 90s there were no such technology. People used to send letters via post but after the boom in technology people start sending E-mails and e- cards. Likewise traditional learning was done by books and journals but now a days people can easily get the particular information on the internet and other various websites.



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