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Snake Island-horrible obsession in Brazil

Updated on April 10, 2016

Snake Island, also known as Ilha de Queimada Grande, known as deadly wonders of mother nature. Located off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil 32 km, the island is home to the most terrible snake species ever existed on Earth. A lot of people come to know the island's reputation hung, but hardly anyone dared to step into. Even had the Snake Island to explore but only a few survivors to come out.

Scientists estimate there are about 4000 species of snake that lived on the island wide 0.4 km2, with a density of very thick.

One of them is to mention the yellow Tiger snake, the world's most dangerous snakes can kill people in just less than an hour. Its venom can cause brain haemorrhage, renal failure or even melt. This is the species appears only on the island of snakes in Brazil. The island is also home to the world's most poisonous snakes.

The people of Brazil have so many stories revolve around what the snakes kill people. In that two of the most famous stories: a fisherman accidentally stray into the island to take the banana and snake bites. When returned to the boat, he immediately gets bent venoms. Some time later, they found his boat but just left a big blood.

The second story tells of the lighthouse and the family. One night, the snake was crawling through the window into the House to attack him, his wife and three children. They tried to run towards the boat but not up. The family all died between swarms of snakes.

Brazilian Government declared the island as forbidden lands for humans. The threat from feared snakes caused the people can't live here. The Lighthouse is the only presence on the island and maintenance once a year.

Only a few scientists allowed to set foot on the island to study. However, up to the island they need government permission and always travels with the doctor. If accidentally snake bites, they will immediately be injected anti-venom antibodies.

Scientists are working hard to research the potential enormity of snake venom yellow Tiger. Some components in the venom of these are used in the treatment of heart disease and blood clots. Although known as the island of the dead, but no one can deny the huge potential of it in the revolution of science and health.


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