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Snakes and their myths

Updated on October 30, 2010

snake in endanger animal

Snake is very furious animal for all most every person .Every person feel frighten even think of the snake. In India according to Hindu mythology snake is animal for worship because snake have other names given in Hindu religion like nag(king cobra), nag devta(god),sheshnag according to Hindu mythology sheshnag is holding the lord Vishnu and they are sleep on its body. This respected giant snake Sheshnag having five heads, but more commonly as a many hundred-headed snakes, holding the whole weight of the earth and when sheshnaga moved slightly it is make in result as earthquake, sunami or other calamity occurs on earth. Snake is also worship animal for Hindus because of lord Shiv, you can not found any temple or picture, statue without snake cling the neck of lord Shiva. Nagpanchami is celebrated in India as festival and worship is done by the believers. So Many snakes are relived by people in the forest after purchased from snake charmers to receive blessing. Rajasthan celebrated Teja ji jaianti it is also festival related to worship of snakes. According to hindu Vedas In Hindu (vedic) tradition, Shesha is a nag, one of the primal beings of creation. In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets of the universe on his hoods and to constantly sing the glories of load vishnu from all his mouths. Snake are lived in the underground or under the world or in hindi language place called as patal lok.Patal lok having every think for snakes like houses,temples,treasure in form of gold, silver and diamonds and snakes having its whole community lives with their law. No one could intervene in their law, if some one tries this he would pay for it in the form of punishment as death.

some more interesting myths and story of snakes

By the Hindu mythology snake having his own family and they marry also so by Hindus snake could be male and female both are important.Shesnag have a art to turns itself in any shape, size and look. According to Hindu old says that both snakes male and female are passionate about their love and it is very famous old stories in India that if some one kills one of the snake the other will take a revenge from the killer of male or female snake. There is instantly a news is flashes in India state Hariyana distic Hisar a man whose name is Sant ram which is bitted by the snake 70 times and sant ram is still in fear of death to be killed by a snake. Interesting thing about this news is the man Sant ram is the only person of the family whose to snakes are biting other family member are not bitted by the snakes even once. This mystery shows how passionate the snakes are to kill their enemy and take revenge from the killer. Snakes also known for the protector or long life guards of old treasures in India. It is old dictum and people believes that if there is existence of old treasure their will be definitely an existence of some snake or snakes.

picture of load vishnu with hundred of head of snake called sheshnag

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Indian myths about snakes Snake Myths King Cobra:-

The King cobra or naga is the subject of much mythology, as this huge snake has enough poison in its fangs to kill twenty people. King cobras also growl, and unlike most snakes, may be able to hear sounds carried across the air. The King Cobra is the snake most commonly found in the hand of snake charmers in India. Indian myth about cobras that if someone kills a king cobra, the cobra's mate will find the person and kill him. There is no evidence that cobras actually seek revenge, but the fact that there are more 10,000 people killed by cobra bites every year in India, some have come to believe this myth. In Hindu belief, Rahu is a snake that swallows the sun or the moon causing eclipses. He is depicted in art as a dragon with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is one of the navgraha (nine planets) in Vedic astology. The Rabu kala is considered inauspicious.

One another Myth about cobra or sheshnaga that its carry a diamond in their forehead it is impossible for a snake to carry anything in its head. The mythological status attached with a snake in India is probably responsible for this myth.Kal surp yog is astrologically related to snake because second meaning of kal is snake.

Is it possible that snakes respond to music of the gourd flute?
The fact is snakes don’t listen to music, it does not have external ears, and they are deaf. They navigate and hunt by picking up airborne vibrations with their forked tongue which is then sent to an organ located above their jaws called the Jacobson’s organ which processes the information.

video of five head snake

What are Hoop Snakes?

Are the snakes drinking milk?
Snakes do not drink milk, neither can they digest it. They are reptiles and have no association with milk, only mammals that have the mammary glands can produce milk, but in a crises when severely dehydrated, a snake might just lick any liquid available.

What are Hoop Snakes?

This Myth is about hoop snake When frightened hoop snakes will bite their tails and roll downhill like a wagon wheel. But the reality is snakes are not well equipped for rolling and there are no reliable accounts of this ever occurring. The hoop snake myth may have been associated originally with mud snakes found in the southern United States. Mud snakes will occasionally lie in a loose coil shaped like a hoop, but they slither away from danger like other snakes.

What is Greek people says about snakes?:- According to the Greeks, the mythical figure Aesculapius discovered medicine by watching as one snake used herbs to bring another snake back to life. Judeo-Christian culture has been less kind to snakes. Tales of the Garden of Eden and the serpent's role in "man's fall from grace" have contributed to a negative image of snakes in western culture. In Appalachia, some Christians handle venomous snakes as part of ritual ceremonies, relying on faith to protect them from bites. Among Catholics, Saint Patrick is credited with ridding Ireland of snakes, a feat celebrated by many as a good thing. Deep rooted cultural biases may be responsible, in part, for widespread fear and disdain for snakes. However, modern myths, from folk tales to plain old misinformation, also contribute to their negative image.

Movies on snakes and their myths: - There is so many movies are made on these myths about the snake and these movies also an example of misguide the common people to make a negative image about snake. Both Indian cinema and Hollywood cashes this topic of snake myths. In India some snake movies are so popular like movie name Nagin released in 1980 is still viewed by the people. After the success of this film so many movies on this topic and myths of snake.

save the snake it is in Danger

movie of the giant snake in the new from india hiss

five head snake what you think about this snake?

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    • profile image

      abhi 2 years ago

      The myths are all just stories, neither more nor less, and it is physically impossible for multiple headed snakes to exist. Even two headed snakes , as rare as they are cant survive without human care. And do improve your grammer

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I know someone who saw a hoop snake. I believe they exist, although they may or may not be dangerous. I wrote a hub about it.

    • profile image

      Anku 5 years ago

      your English is rotten.

      engrezi class mey chaney kha rahey they kya?

      you are a disgrace, your love of snakes notwithstanding.

    • profile image

      girlabroad 5 years ago

      i don't mind the stories behind the mythology but i mind is that the writer didn't even considered having a grammar check. So many grammatical mistakes. Please make the changes. Thank you

    • profile image

      Sunil 5 years ago

      Hey SKC,

      The five headed snake of karnataka is fake. It is photoshop work, not real.

      But I do agree with you that we have to save snake as they are our friends and not enemy. Don't hurt them, they will not harm u.

    • profile image

      skcdelhi 6 years ago

      hey dear friends , i have done lot of research on snakes,people in india worship and perform pooja for snakes , but i don't want to comment on their belief and faiths , but in recent news i have come across five headed snake in karnakata,india.i have not seen it , but i have come across the photographs whch wer on net ,it's on the matter on one head or multiple , there are also species living in the world and different kind of snakes are already existed,please protect snakes.thk u all

    • profile image

      Parveen Kadiyan 6 years ago

      Save Snakes.

      They are very usefull of humenity & nature.

      They are friends not anemy.

    • profile image

      Fitjee 7 years ago

      it is adisheshan not sheshnag