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We Are Not Alone

Updated on July 31, 2012


Closer Than We Think
Closer Than We Think

Cairo 2009

In Cairo in November 2009, whilst digging a hole for the construction of a subway, workers came across a previously unknown tunnel. The workers said that they came across this tunnel at a depth of about 200m.

When interviewed much later, one of the workers told of the event.

In his interview he said that they came across the tunnel and that they saw people walking normally through the tunnel. However these people had tails.

They immediately reported the incident and upon hearing it, the then President Mubarak, instructed them to seal the dig making sure that nobody was aware of the incident, especially the occupants of the tunnel. They were also told that they should not speak of the incident again.

World Wide

This on its own would seem strange enough but when you think of all the similar caves and cover ups, the picture grows.

The Grand Canyon, in 1909 a cave was found with supposedly unexplained artifacts inside. Records of the find seem to have gone missing at the Smithsonian. Now the area of the cave is out of bounds, even to the Park Rangers.

The India, China border region at Kongka La, neither the Chinese or Indian Governments will let people enter a valley region which is reportedly high in UFO sightings.

Russia, Turkey, India and other places have reportedly found deserted underground cities and yet no logical explanations as to who lived in these cities, just speculations.

Africa, South America and other areas, supposedly skeletons have been found of unidentifiable human like beings.


For many years now there have been speculations as to what exactly will be eventually found in the Antarctic.

With the stories of Admiral Byrd and the hollow earth and of Hitler’s Nazis, with their missing U-boats in the Antarctic, mysteries still exist in this region.

All of this must give us thoughts of whether we really are alone on this planet.

Is there perhaps another civilization that has evolved along with us but we have been divided by a layer of the planet itself.

If this was the case and these “aliens” to the planet surface had evolved along with us, are they more or less advanced than us?

How do they look? Are they perhaps more reptilian like, as the tale of humans with tails may suggest?

Perhaps the most important question of all, especially considering what seems to be several Government cover ups by different countries, do the world leaders already know the answers or at least a group of the world elite?

Do people already know the answers?

Has there already been contact?

Do these other beings know of our existence?

If they do, what are their possible intentions towards us, peaceful or aggressive?


To me, there are too many unexplained instances for nothing to really exist. There surely cannot be so much smoke without, at least a little fire.

Why do Governments always seem to introduce some kind of cover up or secret about these places, if there really is nothing to be learned?

Do the thousands of UFO and alien reports really stem from a source that is a lot nearer than outer space?

Considering that any Government should only keep secrets that involve national defense, are an underground species, a threat to us?

Is there an above ground elite working with this species to ensure their places of elevation amongst us?

These finds should be open knowledge and the less I hear about them, the more convinced I become that an underground species does exist and that there is a hierarchy that know of their existence.

This may no longer be about national security but about the security of a species, us, and we, as humans, have a right to know what is really going on.


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    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Interesting!! I am not one to believe nor disbelieve. There is soooo much of our Earth (both land and sea) that still needs to be discovered and there are new species discovered each day.