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So You Think You're A Manly Man?

Updated on December 28, 2014

We are drastically failing as men in our society today. Men are either becoming no more than a sex symbol, concerned only with sexual desire, or they are portrayed as mindless beings that are incapable of holding responsibilities within their own families in today’s society. I believe that men in our society are not being real men. And who can blame them? With reinforcement from different media outlets and the educational systems curbing the desire to act masculine, or take responsibility for ones actions, it is easy to see why manly men, men with character and morals, are rapidly diminishing. Men are encouraged to be lazy, and to not take responsibility for their own actions and life. Men are not encouraged to be the leaders of the household anymore. Men are not encouraged to think outside of the box. Men are encouraged to work and then have fun as if th at is all there is to life. The masculinity that was once present and reinforced by parents and the educational system is now gone. This masculinity that I am referring to once reinforced truth, honesty, honor, justice, mercy, responsibility, industry, frugality, self-control, compassion, and just plain respect for all people, especially women. I have chosen the principles of character, morality, and ethics because they represent a set of ideals, beliefs, and guidelines that show people how to live a healthy life and promote freedom, truth, justice, respect, and mercy to all people. It is a shame to see these ethical guidelines being lost to history. In the past, men and women alike were taught these ideas from an early age from their parents and the educational system. However, men are now encouraged to look at women as pieces of meat that can be used for self-satisfaction. What do you expect when children learn all about sex in middle school but do not learn how to properly respect sexuality? Children in schools today learn how to use condoms but they do not learn how to practice abstinence. I do not understand the logic of such an approach. Teenage pregnancy continues to increase and there are people that wonder why this is. It is because we have lost the ability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. The principles of character, morality, and ethics are not being taught anymore in schools today and that is why we are having a destruction of character, morals, and ethics within our society. If these principles were restored to our schools I can assure you that we would not have as many problems as we now have today.

Many of the problems that people would consider wrong come out of the lack of character in society. Proper character development leads to the development of morality, or in other words, what is right and wrong. Once morals are developed, the acting out of the morals in society is what is known as ethics. Character is the qualities that make up an individual and how they interpret the world. In other words, it is a developed worldview. Morals are defined as knowing what is right and wrong based on the worldview, and conducting oneself in a manner that is right and preventing oneself from acting in a way that would be considered wrong. Ethics is living out the principles of right and wrong in relation to other people in a society. If there is a problem with character development, which I believe there is, a society will not have a firm foundation in what is right and what is wrong. Once this begins to happen there will be a large disagreement between the people who have developed character and those who lack character. A loss of character begins to take a toll on a society because men without character are starting their own families and not knowing how to live in relation to other people. How can they properly raise a family to develop character when there is none present? Sadly, many men are not who they once were, and who they now should be. There is definitely a crisis of manhood and womanhood in America today. What can we do? Stay tuned for more updates to answer this question.


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