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Social Economics and Development

Updated on November 9, 2014

social economics development is also an important part of our life, when we see our life through the development that takes place has an financial effect on the standard of our living. The living standards are made on the basis of the country wealth and employment you have . Today the recession is everywhere you need to be active as to indulge yourself and to be aware of the circumstance that may take place in this world. The economics policy make the target for our life and we look upon them with the basis of our target that should be achievable , your aim and you goal are incentive to make you a better person and to find success in your life.

The monopoly which is placed by some gigantic company is to have the world of there own, they wants the dependency for there customer upon their services. The dump the other market.

But the oligopoly is the market of challenge, in this market we meet the real countenance of this world, where need to stand and make yourself sage in this world.

The competencies that you have or attain from your initial stage of life of your schooling was a part of your learning, you can never forget that path of your life, we shall live in this circle as our life experience the new expectation of our life. You need to thrive and be vivid as to what are you doing and where you want to be , squandering your time and been indolent in this world shall make you a stinking rodent in this world, and you cannot survive in this way as your self esteem shall never accept the part of failure in your life.

To give up is to be dead forever in this world, this world shall never let you survive in this world up till or unless you make yourself the best in the market.

Everyone in this world should try to make a paradigm for his/here future , where you want to be and why you want to be there?


Development needs good Education, and Education needs to be understand what is it? but we are doing negative of it. We don't know our aims, so how it is possible to be good in economics and get ourselves developed.

Development effects on Country's ecomics

Sometimes it happen a country tried to be a developed country, but it is not possible because development effects on country's economics. If any country wants to be a developed country, so it is important to create a good relation with other developed or undeveloped country, because the relations create business relations. And a business relation is created then the countries start earning from import and export, as we know that import and export play a vital role in development of a country.

There are many types of thing or goods which could be import or export, commonly countries are doing import or export when they have need goods or they are more in that goods. As many countries are exporting rice, wheats, raw materials in which they are rich, and in other side which countries are poor in these goods. They are importing these rice, wheats, and raw material etc.


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