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Social media an important change in the world

Updated on February 3, 2017

“What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?”

That’s the question thrown at one of the Top 6 finalists to the Miss Universe 2016 pageant. That same question lingered in my mind even beyond the show. It led me thinking. What really is it that has caused an intense impact among peoples?

Social media

Personally, I believe it is the social media that has created a significant change in the past 10 years.

Social media connects an enormous lot of people across the globe. Never has the world seen a faster and easier communication network. To this day, there are already over 3.9 billion active users of social media worldwide. And experts have even predicted this number to increase by 25% every year.

In 2015, around 66% of businesses across the globe banked on social media marketing as their most important strategy. In the US alone, 9 out 10 businesses maintain an active presence on social media. That is how powerful a tool the social platforms have become in setting a strong foundation for business.

And not only the business sector utilize social media. All people do.

  • Governments and politicians turn to the varied platforms to promote their causes.
  • Individuals use them for socialization. They turn to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to make new friends, exchange ideas, and share pictures.
  • Students collaborate with their classmates and peers online regarding academic projects.
  • Friends and families spend FaceTime to keep in touch with one another.
  • Bloggers use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the like to promote their content and other stuff.
  • Professionals choose LinkedIn in enhancing their business prospects and career.

Facebook draws the highest number of active users at 1.59 billion. It has now outstripped YouTube from the top spot. Linkedin has currently around 414 million subscribers and still counting. While Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and SnapChat have a constant following.

Negative effects of social media

But just as social media intends to ease global communication, it also brings with it some not-so-good effects. The conventional postal service, for example, suffers a slump. How many people are still using the snail mail these days, anyway?

Unscrupulous people use the social media to advance their evil intent. Many users have the tendency to post a lot, especially about personal information on social sites, that they become vulnerable to crime and abuse. In fact, cyberbullying and online harassment increase by the day. School children, young girls, and women are often the target of crooks.

Meanwhile, introverts and socially reclusive individuals are inclined to spend much of their time to virtual interaction. They tend to ignore the real world. Many employees, too, have become addicted to social media so much so that their productivity is affected.

In conclusion, social media has caused a significant change in the lives of people. With the advantages and disadvantages it presents, we should be prudent on how to use them.


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