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Societal Suppression of the Spirit Soul

Updated on July 18, 2014
There is a healthy balance in all growth.
There is a healthy balance in all growth.

Subtle Differences

In our current society, we hear and see a common theme being pushed through many interfaces: the news, media, hollywood, and propaganda. What I am referring to is the good vs. evil concept. There are very important yet subtle differences in the idea that this concept portrays versus the more vast conceptual understanding that is true and beneficial to the spirit.

We should focus less on opposing labels and more on the balance.
We should focus less on opposing labels and more on the balance.

Good Versus Bad

Our society would have you believe that there is a clear line between good versus bad and that living a life with only 'goodness' is ideal and beneficial. There are a few problems with this concept. The first is that we, as a society, have taken on the perception that good has a clear and specific definition and bad has another equally perceptional definition. For example, in the superhero themed movies, there is always a 'good' force and a 'bad' force, typically being portrayed as an individual character (i.e. Batman, the joker, etc.) This ingrains in us that the two forces must be separate and that one cannot exist with the other in the same vessel. In reality, ancient history shows us that the two must exist in the same conscious vessel in harmony to experience a balanced, spiritual existence. For example, the philosophy of yin and yang in Taoism and Confucianism, which gives an example of the concept of service-to-others and service-to-self existing in balanced harmony together. They are taught as two opposing yet complementary forces. The image that pops into your head when you think of this concept is a powerful spiritual symbol that triggers either a conscious or subconscious action moving you in the direction of this harmony.

Service-to-Self vs. Service-to-Others

In a slightly different perception, one that seems to line up with the matrix of existence, teaches that the ultimate sin, or one true 'sin' (which truly isn't the best verb-age but we don't have great vocabulary for these concepts, and for a good reason) is the impedance on another soul's free will, and just simply that. The reason for this is in the concept which teaches that the soul's ultimate purpose in its existence is to spiritually evolve until it raises its vibration to reach the heavenly ranking, the higher dimensional fields, access to the knowledge matrix, or are "sitting at the right hand of God". In the Medieval era, the majority of society was convinced that they must have an intermediary to connect with God or a higher source. So, the majority of organized religions became or formed around the concept of feeding the masses with one particular perception of spirituality that was focused more so on religion and tradition. Ultimately, in the big picture, organized religion by design caused an epidemic of close-mindedness that kept the majority from spiritually evolving. At the same time, this stage was simply a necessary part of our societal spiritual evolution. It has been an exploration period, a discovery period in which many have begun to tear down the walls, remove the veil, and remember true history and the amazing eternal spiritual process that makes up our soul's purpose. Because of this huge catalyst, we are remembering our raw spirituality to be the true purpose of our existence. And in this process, one is able to access knowledge and have divine experiences which set you on an amazing spiritually growing path. In turn, we tend to lose our fears, worries, and concerns because of the security that forms along this path. We come to understand that there must exist a balance in all things, a reaction to every thought and action which then forms our reality. This brings us back to the concept of service-to-others vs. service-to-self. There does not exist this easily definable line of 'good' and 'bad'. That is a perception that seems to be pushed upon society by these intermediary sources (news, media, hollywood,etc.) who are known to use a bit of truth twisted with a bit a manipulation to achieve their goals. And they do it well. This defined line keeps us from moving on to the spiritual concept of service-to-others vs. service-to-self. As one goes down the spiritual path, you will become aware of your own immaturity or even selfishness in past stages of life and be able to start to form your spiritual timeline and truths that form from these evidences. By nature, we all start out on a more service-to-self path. Just think of a 3-year-old claiming every toy in their daycare classroom unable to perceive that there are several other children around with similar desires to play with the toys. Service-to-others can look like a lot of things. For example, maybe deciding to party and drink a lot in your college years even though it makes you sick often is more of a service-to-others action but not necessarily considered positive. You would most likely look back on that phase of your life and have many realizations that further you on your spiritual path. More often, service-to-others looks simply like helping others, not judging others, and aiding others in spiritual growth. But you must go through phases of service-to-self to recharge and to be able to return to helping others. Quite frankly, the concept that we should be focusing on is balance to achieve healthy spiritual growth which unlocks amazing abilities on so many levels and is guaranteed to better your life overall.

How Society Suppresses Spiritual Advancement

In grade school, the main subjects we all learned consisted of math, science, language, social studies. Things that helped us to hone our hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling (physical touch), and smelling senses. But, herein lies the problem. Our common curriculum teaches that humans simply have five senses and these are all senses that help us only in a 3rd dimensional realm. In turn, we grow up to be logical thinking workers with compartmentalized jobs to keep us occupied in the 3rd dimensional realm never realizing that we have many more senses such as contact with the higher self or knowledge matrix, telepathy, healing and much more allowing us access to 4th, 5th and higher dimensional fields. We have seen several individual cases where one has honed one or two of these extrasensory skills and it makes for an extraordinary story but they are perceived as 'special' or 'different' when the reality is that every human being has access to these same things, its just a matter of who will become inspired enough to stumble upon them, hone the skill, and use their spiritual abilities. If the powers at the top of society can stick a negative perception to any aspect of spiritual advancement, they will because they are the few who feed off of negative energy. These are the forces that we must become aware of in order to move past their grasp of control and realize our own direct connection to the source. We have lived for centuries under this subconscious manipulation, but times are changing and the time for mass realization is now. In the larger picture, we have been in kindergarten and we're getting ready to graduate into the next level of knowledge access. The biggest tip I could give you at this point is to take a deep look at any subject matter that is largely suppressed because more than likely these are the areas that will stimulate the deepest insights and spiritual advances. You do not have to live under any other person's perceived boundaries, your mind and possibilities are limitless.


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