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Application of Sociology in the health-disease

Updated on January 17, 2011

Currently the study of Sociology is increasing, especially in academic institutions. This is due to the importance that this, like bioethics or ethics, anthropology, has relationships with others and ourselves.
Sociology studies society and the implications and actions of groups that compose it.While anthropology aims to humans, the man at the center of studies, sociology seeks to society which man belongs. This does not mean that sociology is shallow (see society and not the man) as it is with the general view that you can find problems and solutions that affect a group of people or one individual.
You could say then, that sociology is against the claim that the disease or health depends only on biological factors, because these same factors may suffer from external interference. Due to the existence of a multifactorial system, it becomes necessary to study and understanding of sociology to health professionals when faced with a situation, know how to understand and how to act at that time.
Sociology also provides us with an understanding of new technologies and how to use them for the common good. Emphasizes the care that we have, along with other materials in the area, in relation to predetermined concepts in our mind. The understanding of other groups allows us to observe their actions, even when contrary to our perceptions.
Finally, the sociology is present mainly for knowledge and understanding (of the society and ourselves). Only with these attributes is that we have a professional acting human, which sees an individual as a whole, even when a problem affects only one organ or system. Also provokes us to take actions that can help society (since we have a broad view of society).

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