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Soft Whispers Of Love

Updated on February 8, 2010

More WHISPERS OF LOVE for Valentine Dreamers

by Michael Dennis, Enjoy and please share with


Sacred Realms Above

A gushing river of passion

my heart and soul do fill.

I am ready to embrace life fully.

To love and be loved what a thrill.

Most people are too afraid to catch

a fleeting glimpse of who they are.

They wander aimlessly through life

and wistfully gaze at the moon and stars.

The star clusters and their luminescence

stir a faint memory deep within their soul.

Surely there must be more some dare to ask.

Are there secrets we are allowed to know?

The answer is yes, and let me inform you

we are here to be loved and to love

each other and all life, and our star flame.
It has been decreed upon Sacred Realms above.

Embraced By The Stars Once More

You step outside of your illumination

and envelop me with your glowing light!

Sometimes I forget who I truly am

when I am clutched by the dark night.

In restless dreams you sing to me and

beckon my soul to take refuge at your breast.

When I fear I cannot endure Cupid's darts anymore,

you escort me to Venus' love nest.

You hold me close, you give me comfort.

Your maternal embrace soothes my fears.

When I am feeling sad and alone,

you gently wipe away my tears.

How sad to feel so misunderstood.

So isolated and so very alone.

When the heart weeps a river of tears

it is time to hear Love's healing tones.

I know that this world is not my home.

I am just temporarily passing through.

And one of the reasons I came here

was to love and be loved by you.

I cannot remain still as I behold the moon.

She imbues me with lunar delight.

Then she calls your name and mine.

Hand in hand our souls take flight.

I come from starry worlds so far away.

I am a stranger on these mortal shores.

When I look into your eyes, my sweet one,

I am embraced by the stars once more.

Love Eternally Endures

As I gaze deeply into your heart and soul,

I will sing the song of oneness that makes us whole.

We dare to venture beyond the perimeters of this land.

We journey to distant realms, side by side, hand in hand.

There is a song that is sung that no mortals can hear.

Only those attuned to the soul can hear the tones so clear.

I need you to walk with me to the ends of the earth.

Kiss my brow and lead me into the chamber of rebirth.

We are not of this earth; our starry origins are far away.

Thanks to your love and healing touch I will not go astray.

The sweetness of your soul will burn away my fears.

Your angelic murmurs will wipe away my tears.

I will walk to the ends of the earth and find you I will.

For we must fulfill an ancient promise our hearts to heal.

Time has no power over me; our love transcends this realm.

Let us lift our heads upward and sing Heaven's sacred hymn.

You are the princess of my soul; the angel of my dreams.

Let us remember that nothing is as real as it seems.

Please reach for me, enfold me with your essence so pure.
When two souls are one their love eternally endures.

The Now

Sailing on the wings of joy

my soul doth feel such peace.

How my spirit aches for freedom.

The cares of this life I must release.

I know there is a reason

for every experience in our life.

We choose to learn from it all.

Joy. Pleasure. Sorrow and Strife.

You sing a sacred song to me.

My soul hears each and every word.

When I look into your eyes,

you recite poetry that needs to be heard.

We are magic makers, my sweet one.

Let the morning kiss our brow.

For the Love that binds us is stronger

than the past, the future and the Now.

Her Magical Door

Please hold my hand, my sweet one.

Take me to the magical Wishing Well.

I am ready to know Life's mysteries.

It is time to hear the Troubadour's tale.

Merriment and laughter does he bring.

Much ancient knowledge does he possess.

To obtain the secrets of the Elixir of Life

we must be soothed by his charm and lyrical caress.

He teaches the magic of shifting perceptions.

He speaks of journeys into the distant past.

I seek to be filled with pure untarnished love

and magic that forever and a day will last.

Our hearts beat as one, my sweet one.

Your devotion will lead me to Heaven's shores.

The power of Love will heal our sadness

when we step inside Her magical door.

Wind Singer

I am the wind singer

You are the song.

Loving you eternally

can never be wrong.

We walk in magical valleys.

We wade in bubbling streams.

We behold radiant angels

as we hold hands in dreams.

The iridescent moonbeams

gently caress our brow.

Time does not exist when

we embrace the eternal now.

Hear the songs, my sweet one

that I sing gently on the wind.

Close your eyes and sail with me.

To the stars our souls ascend.

Ecstasy’s Tearful Kiss

How you bloom like the rose of Sharon!

Your soul fragrance emanates sweetness in the air.

Humans and forest creatures feel your love.

You kiss away their tears and absorb their cares.

To the souls who wander aimlessly,

you give them back their codes of light.

You reconnect them to their power.

You take away their fear of the night.

You play the bowls and sing the tones

that realign the strands in the soul.

You blow the shaman's breath upon them

to help them reconnect and become whole.

You bring back from the ancient times

the memories that need to be told.

You tell the magical stories that need

to be heard by the young and the old.

You do not come from this world.

Your destiny is so much more than this.

I look into your heart and soul.

You bestow upon me Ecstasy's Tearful Kiss.


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