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Solar Energy and Kids

Updated on May 11, 2016

Kids Love to Learn about Solar


Solar energy is inexpensive, friendly to the environment and lasts for a very long time. Obviously, solar energy is important to our culture and the technology needs to become widespread. Our kids need to know about solar energy because it plays an important part in our alternative-energy future plans.

How can we talk to our kids about solar energy? How can we make the subject “Solar Energy” fun for kids to know and understand? Perhaps, some classrooms bring the subject up for discussion or as a science project. But have you talked to your kids about solar energy?

You can bring up solar energy with your kids in a very simple manner. You just need to know where to look for more information that communicates at a kid’s level.


Talk About Solar

You can bring up solar energy while driving in the car or at family meals. Talk about the environment and how solar energy plays an important part in keeping the planet clean and free from greenhouse warming. Talk about the sun as a clean source of energy compared to biofuels. Make sure you talk to them at their level.

You don’t need to use the word “biofuels.” You would say gasoline or oil that comes from the ground and burns chemicals into the air whereas sun is clean and leaves the air clean.

What Do You Think

If you could afford solar, would you install solar panels on your roof?

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Great Solar Resources for Kids

The Internet is full of information about solar energy for kids. Here are some popular websites to visit: Energy Facts, Solar Energy, and Solar Energy Education.

Magazines, Newspapers, and Journals contain current information about alternative energy. Scan the publications and look for information about solar energy. When you find an article or anything that relates to solar energy, cut the clipping out and pin it to the refrigerator for everyone in the family to read.

Simply bringing up solar energy with your kids will draw their attention to the fact that it does exist. The more you talk about it the more your kids will understand the value of solar energy. Pretty soon, they will be bringing you articles on the subject, too.

What Parents Can Do

Every day the sun comes up and goes down. It’s clean, simple and not complicated whatsoever. Why can’t you people understand how simple it is to start using solar energy? The big utility companies are even using it now. There are websites, like Cooler Plant, even companies that offer information on how simple it is to crossover to solar energy. There are tax credits and low-interest loans.

First, it’s something that any homeowner can look into when they need to re-roof their home. It just takes a phone call or a visit to a website to find out how to do it. What is the matter with people? What is so complicated about calling a solar company and asking a few questions, or visiting a website to find out what you need to know?

Solar Water Heater Fun for Kids

Now, we have solar water heaters. How often does a homeowner replace their water heaters? Why can’t you take the time to speculate having a solar water heater when you replace your water heater?

Perhaps, you hired a plumber or construction worker who is too ignorant to get themselves educated with the changing times. You might have to consider switching your plumber or construction company that are too scared to break the company’s old habits or the status quo and get a company that cares about the future of this planet.

Swimming Pool Solar Heaters

Get With It

All great people of history never agreed with the status quo. Galileo Galilei is a fine example. He was the first astronomer and physicist to use a telescope to study the stars (1610), he was an outspoken advocate of Copernicus's theory that the sun forms the center of the universe, which led to his persecution and imprisonment by the Inquisition.

So get with it people, I am not asking you to worship the sun or get imprisoned. I am just asking you to look into the possibility of harnessing the sun’s energy.


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