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Solipsism And You.

Updated on August 12, 2014


A thought occurred to me earlier. A continuation of the: "Cogito Ergo Sum" (I Think, Therefore I Am) theme, articulating nexus between thought and action. In the creative writing/blogging/articles arena, typing (the modern quill to parchment) manifests tangibly as thought to action. Although I (kind of) digress...

The flowering thought concerned solipsism, the theory that we are all that can be known to exist. A rationale ostensibly appropriate considering our biological vessels, the brain encased within. A mighty organ that dictates the functions and orders of the body through life, in both cognitive thought and biological function. Therefore, from a personal perspective, a person within this faunal construct can be forgiven for doubting the tangibility of all else around them (many conceited individuals are masters of such a practice!)

However, the recent revelations within the 20th Century to most recent marvels (Higgs Boson etc.) provide a glimpse into the myriad possibilities of our connection to the wider Universe beyond. "We Are All Made Of Stars," as Moby said in his song. A literal truth, every mote of matter within us and contained within the minuscule iota of our world is the result of a death of a dying star several billion years ago. Certain stars, being possessed of a mass greater than that of our sun, fall victim to a runaway fusion process of squashing two hydrogen atoms together to create helium (it's how a star's heat is created). Gravity in this state starts to lose integrity, heat increases exponentially and it is through such heat and chemical reactions where atoms of other elements, heavier ones, are created.

When this stability reaches a critical point, the tight rope of where fusion and other forces inside a star (more on the fundamental forces in a later blog) to prevent collapse and gravity disallows the escape of matter into space disintegrates. A star of significant mass will explode out, causing further heat and more chemical reaction of the elements seen on the Periodic Table. Our Solar System was the result of gaseous debris from a Supernova explosion. The core of the dead star will be discussed in another blog (White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Pulsars and more importantly, Black Holes). The gas, laying in a comatose state was believed to have been shocked back to life by another, nearby Supernova explosion and jettisoned a whirlpool of gravity, eventually causing the light of the cosmic match that is a star, in this instance, our sun.

The remaining gas circled the stellar radiance and was known as the Secretion Disc. The planets, asteroids, comets, moons and planets (our own most vital among them) coalesced from this cosmic soup. A sole planet, earth (to our current knowledge: Mars, Jupiter's moon Europa, Saturn's moons Titan and Enceladus, possibly even Neptune's tumultuous moon Triton, and the ice caps of Mercury even, could have crude forms of life on them. Actually I believe that Europa could harbour more than microbial life, though it remains to be seen), has been gifted with being the correct distance from the sun to contain liquid water and possess sufficient mass for gravity to maintain an oxygen rich atmosphere and a strong enough core to produce a magnetic field, thus preventing said atmosphere from being blasted off into space. All of these factors made for a combination allowing life to grow beyond the microbial, into the vast plethora of species on earth, into the species that we are today. A species that have great powers of abstract reasoning, and understanding of our place in the Universe and our long, wealthy heritage.

Nevertheless, it is the product of this long process that we are here now. Our bodies are all comprised of these particles that have been around (in one form or other) since the beginning of time, or time as we fathom it in this Universe. Which leads me back to my point in solipsism. If the self is all that can be known to exist, yet all our particles are sourced from the fabric of existence itself, the self equates to the Universe. If you are all that's known to exist, so is the Universe. The implication here is that your thoughts are one and the same as the very fabric of existence itself. If there is a mental process at work within the mind (a constant exercise), then a very small iota of the Universe is ruminating and is doing so across the planet constantly and every sentient species across the Universe is doing the same. We are active amoebic entities clinging to the fibre of matter. Infusing our part of it with pulses, vibrant flares of cognition, one day leading to an ignition. A realisation of greater capability. It's in us and around us as we speak. Furthermore, if the human brain possesses more synapse connections and neurons than there are particles in the Universe, the intelligence particles fused together to create advanced minds actually exceeds it's own volume! One must ask when presented with this is, what does this mean? Where can such ability take us?

© Brad James, 2014.

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