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10 Very Stupid Things Everyone Does

Updated on November 7, 2018

Let’s face it; a lot of people can be so foolish at times. And how do you know this? Of course, it’s simply by the stupid things they do.

Now, sorry to say it, but you reading this very piece right now, you may be thinking you are an exception—but—I am here to tell you that you’re not!

Not meaning to insult your intelligence or question your mental capacity in any way but I’m so sure that by the time you are through with this write-up, you may be able to identify or see how stupid you are—or rather—how stupid you’ve (always) acted at certain times!

C'mon, I know what you thinkin' right now. You think I'm foolish, huh?
C'mon, I know what you thinkin' right now. You think I'm foolish, huh? | Source

So if you are now so eager to find out what I am really talking about, that means you are also ready to dive in with me.

So let’s begin.

The following are the ten stupid things every one of us does. Look, I’m not saying it’s just ten. Of course, you and I know there are more. I just selected these ten because I believe they are the ones you—me, in fact, we all—can easily relate with most especially when it comes to showing us how stupid you have been…

So, here we go, number one…

Making New Year Resolutions

Of course.

This one is so obvious. But not only that it is so ridiculous and childish; it is equally of no use.

Why do I say so?

Okay, listen.

Somehow, I don’t know why but people tend to have this idea that every new year ushers in a new set or fresh copy of themselves.

And so to make the newness stick, they starting making all types of new rules to follow.

Just watching them, I start to get the feeling that it’s just as if a new year simply means that ‘old-things-have-really-passed-away’ just because the night of December 31st became the morning of January 1st!

But is it really so?

Have old things really passed away?

I mean, just like that?

I ask because speaking from my own experience over the years, I am already aware that making changes is one of the hardest tasks for so many people all over the globe!

Wow! Another New Year is just around the corner! Time to make those useless vows again?
Wow! Another New Year is just around the corner! Time to make those useless vows again? | Source

But that apart, just think about it.

Why must you wait until January the 1st before you start making the effort to change yourself for the better?

Isn’t that very foolish of you?

Furthermore, to let you know how nonsensical making New Year resolutions really is, now we're almost at the end of the year 2018 and I am sure not so many of us who managed to make any of those resolutions at the start of the year still remember what their resolutions really was.

Or maybe, they are simply just waiting for next year to come by before they can actually remember to renew on those pledges as usual … who knows...?

Well, whichever way it is, take it from me, making New Year resolutions is totally a dumb move!

Number two…

Being taken in by first impression

As humans, our evolvement has left some very sour taste in our mouth.

What am I talking about?

Well, you see, in a psychology class, I was meant to understand that our brains have come to develop to that point where it only likes or should I say, prefers processing information it deems trivia in such a way that it wants to reserve its resources—for the really tasking jobs like how to escape from a tiger or shark or black mamba sudden attack!

What this simply means is that our brains will normally process any given new information in a manner that will help us get to a very quick decision or conclusion without really going through the whole process of thinking about how we reached a particular conclusion.

Our brains simply do this by being on the lookout for pointers or markers!

And once those markers are there, a simple, quick and straightforward conclusion is what follows next!

Thus, we are in most cases, (always) left with a very hasty conclusion to our searches or questions… without even being aware of what is actually happening.

Therefore as a very quick way of judging others, we have come to rely on and accept our first impression about any situation or circumstance under our consideration or observation as a very quick and reliable way of getting immediate answers.

Thus we see a well dressed guy come down from a super cool car, and we are like wow, dude must be very rich… or something.

And we see a man with stethoscope hanging on his neck, and we are like wow, he must be a doctor… or something.

And when we see a dude giving up his seat for a lady, we are now like wow, he’s such a gentleman who has GREAT respect for women.

And when we see a woman skimpily dressed, we are now like wow, she must be a whᴓre… or something.

Talk of stereotyping!

And in the process, we can easily and unknowingly open ourselves up to all sorts of manipulations, trickery and deception by anyone who wants to exploit this first impression handicap most of us suffer from.

Polar Bears: White on the outside, but very black on the inside
Polar Bears: White on the outside, but very black on the inside | Source

It doesn’t even get any better because…

It is even very possible to develop first impression on what you have not even seen with your eyes, but just based on what some other person whom you happen to rely on their judgment told you about this person or thing.

I can recall that during my time in school, there are certain courses that we were told were very difficult and based on that, we eventually found those courses to be… very difficult!

Such is the power of first impression that it takes a very long time for its victim to overcome the influence.

Thus, anyone who has been sucked in by first impression is most likely to be sucked in again and again and again…

And that’s exactly what makes first impression very dangerous… and makes you the helpless victim, very foolish.

Number three...

Believing whatever people tell you without actually bothering to verify it yourself

You see, so many people are so guilty of doing this.

In fact, this is even somewhat similar to the confusing effects of first impression that we just discussed.

Somehow, we are always hoping, waiting, wishing and wanting another person to help us make a decision… or to at least, okay our own decisions.

And when they eventually do, we just tend to accept their decision without questioning while believing that such decisions or opinions will equally be okay for us too.

Sometimes, we just do this automatically without even thinking about it anymore just to show you how much this behavior has become a part of us.

For instance, just take a look at some of the basic everyday decision-making process we have consciously and unconsciously depended on others to do for us in one way or the other.


Watch movies based on reviews…. by others.

Purchase so many things based on recommendation… by others.

We read books based on reviews… by others.

We get into a relationship or even get married based on recommendations… by others, of course!

Somehow, it seems we just cannot do certain things on our own without needing another person’s views and we are always in the habit of accepting certain peoples’ opinions as the gospel of the Lord!

Funny, isn’t it?

But we often tend forget one very important thing which is: the fact that most people are usually biased in their judgment!

The fact that something works for you doesn’t necessarily in any way mean that it will certainly work for me.

Our tastes, choices, preferences, likes and dislikes differ!

We have different personalities. We have different experiences in life. We come from different backgrounds and of course, we have different beliefs.

Which means that my opinions on certain issues will most probably be a manifestation of my own point of view which will most likely lead to a flawed assumption or conclusion or decision on your own part simply because you are not me!

So why would you even trust my opinion on anything at all… as a matter of fact?

But of course, the foolishness in us will never allow us to see how this intrinsic bias in others always gets in the way.

Number four...

Going on a hunger strike

Now, this may sound somewhat far-fetched but people actually do go on hunger strikes much more frequently than you can ever imagine.

When I say hunger strike, I am not even in any way referring to all those often well publicized and politicized hunger strikes that some politicians or freedom fighters do embark upon just to create some form of awareness or to draw attention to whatever cause they are fighting for.


I am actually referring to those normal but petty hunger strikes most people do embark on.

Like husbands and boyfriends refusing to eat their wives’ and girlfriends’ foods. Like children refusing to eat their mothers’ food. Like mothers refusing to eat their daughter-in-laws foods. Even like friends refusing to eat their friends’ foods… just to send across some form of message of displeasure or protest or something, in most cases… you now know what I’m saying, right…?


And you’ll agree with me, it’s really, really, crazy.

And very stupid too.

Which is why I termed it petty.

Please don't talk to me. I don't have the energy to reply you 'cause I'm on a hunger strike!
Please don't talk to me. I don't have the energy to reply you 'cause I'm on a hunger strike! | Source

Well, of all the foolish things I will be talking about in this our lovely discussion that people often do; this is the only one I can categorically tell you to count me out.

You know why?

Of course, I am a natural born gourmet!

O yes, I love food so much.

I cannot even be up to one hour behind for my regular meal.

If I do… well the experience is always better imagined than experienced, because once I am late for regular meal time, my entire body starts to shake and my legs starts to wobble making it pretty much difficult for me to support my own weight assuming I am standing. My eyeballs start turning in their sockets, my palms and armpits start sweating profusely, I start feeling dizzy, my stomach starts making terrible grumbling noises, and in certain severe cases, my tongue starts to hang out uncontrollably with blood coming out from my eyes, nostrils, mouth, finger and toe nail tips!

So you can see why I can NEVER be that foolish to go on a hunger strike—no matter what!

But I can’t really say that about you, can I...?

Number five...

Liking all sorts of post on Facebook

Like it even if you don't like it!
Like it even if you don't like it! | Source

The culprits are usually men although women cannot be said to be truly free from this anomaly but I can say with so much assurance that from what I have observed, it’s usually the men who do this the most.

Here’s the scenario.

A girl types some meaningless rubbish on her Facebook post and most of the men on her friends list are like Wow! You are making a lot of sense.

Or maybe, she uploads some not too wonderful or not so good looking picture/s of hers and most of guys on her Wall are like wow, you’re such a beautiful angel.

It’s very comical and laughable if you have equally observed this although you will quite agree with me; it can also be quite irritating seeing all those guys going agog with their obvious flattery.

At times, when I witness this happenstance, I just feel like calling those guys out on their excessive adulation which is pretty much tantamount to severe ass licking.

But then, I remember the saying that if you have nothing good to say, just keep quiet.

So I keep quiet and just let it go.

Although in some cases, I just can't understand why someone will make a post like "I'm so sad right now. My aunty died last night."

And then this person gets 1000 likes and counting...

It's quite amazing, I tell you.

Are you liking the post because you like the fact that his or her aunt died or what...?

It's very funny, I tell you!

Number six...

Buying brand names

I just don’t know why so many people are caught up on this.

If you are a marketer, you better hope there’s a way your product gets a good brand name because if you don’t, there’s every chance you will never break even in your business.

On one hand, getting good brand is good because it saves people a lot of effort in making that decision on what to purchase.

This is quite understandable simply because so many people do ‘suffer’ from what is known as buyer’s remorse. Thus, buying a brand name might help in suppressing that regretful feeling as well as make the individual feel so good about himself.

But in most cases, there’s this ugly situation associated with branding which is very obvious to anyone who cares to observe.

How come people are always more than willing to pay more just to get a branded product?

It doesn’t always necessarily mean that such a branded product/s is the bomb, does it?!

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

To me, it’s just pure foolishness!

Number seven...

Staying with a group of people you don't really like…

How many times have you found yourself in a company of people that you don't like... people you don't want to be with... people you don't even like or want to associate with...?

Think about it.

Sometimes, it does happen and you find yourself among people you don't want to be with, at least, at that particular moment.

Everything about this group pisses you off. Their discussions, their noise, their world views, their boasting and their being so loud-mouthed, plus their bland jokes, and their dressing too, their friends, and yes, even their crass stupidity most evident in their ridiculous ways of reasoning. Everything!

But then, what do you do?

You continue to punish yourself by sitting back with them and you continue to smile sheepishly to every nonsense thing they say or do even though your better judgment is telling you to stand up right there and leave right now .

You know why...?

Of course, that's because you are a fool.

Number eight...

Crying over spilled milk

That is to say, having great difficulty in moving on.

I don't know why this so true for so many people. Maybe it's human nature, I don't know but so many people like perpetually dwelling in the past and regretting or wishing there was a way they could have changed the outcome of some sour experience that happened to them in the past.

So your lover left you for someone else. So you failed in an exam you prepared so hard for. So you lost some substantial amount of money in a bad investment. So your visa application got denied. So you lost your bet. So your favorite team lost in the finals. And so on and so forth...

Well, there's only one solution to all these scenarios painted above: Move On!

Yes, accept the reality that what has happened and has happened and there's nothing you can do about it and then, move on!

The best you can do for yourself at such times is to learn the bitter lessons in those events that happened, and then resolve not to repeat those mistakes you made, if any.

Well, like I stated earlier, I can't tell you why this behavior or habit of crying over spilled milk is a very common observation in so many people but I can tell you why it makes you foolish.

Let's face it. Dwelling in the past and regretting over past experiences will never solve your problems. It has never solved and will never solve any problem. If anything, it will only keep slowing you down on your path to recovery and pushing forward.

That's a fact.

Number nine...

Telling someone your secrets

I have previously written about the importance of keeping secrets so you can understand how shocked I always am, whenever I see people blabbing out certain things I feel should be best kept secret.

Frankly speaking, I just don't understand why people have this need to let another person into their secret.

But anyway, be that as it may, somehow, I just get this feeling that there must be something that makes some people feel so good (about themselves) when they share what they consider secrets with other people. To some, maybe, it is as if a very heavy weight is lifted off their shoulders once they tell another person their secrets, hence the need to tell, or should I say, confide in another person. Or maybe, some people feel that telling others their secrets makes those people trust them.

Which may be true.

But then, there's a catch...

And that is, who do you trust with your secrets?

You see, as a student of human psychology, one interesting thing I have come to learn about humans is the fact that the only predictable thing about humans is our unpredictability.

In fact, one of my favorite quotes concerning keeping secrets is that "3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead!" suggesting that so many people find it very difficult keeping secrets.

Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret? | Source

Which is why I am so concerned about who gets to hear my secrets, most especially from me.

The way I see it, telling others your secret is like having unprotected sex. It's may be super fun. It may be super cool. But then, it comes with a whole load of consequences that you may or may not be able to say you can control or handle effectively.

Once you tell someone your secrets—and most especially those deep secrets—you cannot really say what happens next with regards to whether this person will be able to keep those secrets or not.

Truth is, some secrets you reveal to another person can bring lots and lots of problems into your life. People have told others secrets that came back to haunt them... forever, in some certain cases! Some people can use your secrets to blackmail you. It's a known fact! Some secrets when eventually revealed can totally alienate you from some friends or from people who might render you some great help when it is most needed— forever!

Some other secrets when exposed are so bad for business or it can totally ruin one's personal image. C'mon, I mean, I always cringe when I hear some things people who were once great friends or people who were once in love say about each other most especially when it comes to exposing each other persons dirty secrets—when the love or the bond must have fizzled out.

And that's very scary a thought, for me!

So considering the fact that letting others into some of your secrets can have some far reaching consequences, why then do people still go ahead and tell others their secrets?

Well, that is one thing I may never understand even though I still consider it a very dumb move.

And the last, but not the least...


I don’t know why so many people do this.

Maybe, it also has to do with that quick decision making process of our brain that I mentioned earlier.

But the truth is that generalizing often paints a very feisty picture for so many people which makes them to become offensive most especially if they consider themselves to be a direct victim of such generalization.

For instance, so many men easily pick offense when women say men are scum because in reality, there’s no way you as a woman can honestly say that you have tested all men to know this.

And so many women do take offense when men disparagingly state that all women are the same simply because there’s no way on earth you as a man can honestly say that you have been with all women to confirm this.

Generalizations give rise to fallacy.

If you ever find yourself generalizing, just for one moment, sit back and think about it.

How foolish do I sound by saying something like this thereby further promoting an idea or belief that can never really be proved or may even be entirely false under a closer scrutiny?

One man I know so well sat down, took his time and wrote an article which he titled 10 Very Stupid Things EVERYONE does.

Now you tell me, what could be more foolish than that?


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