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Some Important Tips and Suggestions That Can Help in Quick Learning

Updated on May 3, 2012
Quick Learning Tips
Quick Learning Tips

Process of Learning

Learning is a process that varies from one person to another. While some people can learn a thing quickly, some others might need good amounts of time to grasp the same thing. It depends on the IQ level of the person. Various kinds of studies, research and surveys have been done all around the world regarding the particular thing and various kinds of results have been obtained from there. Various scientists and researchers have also found out many effective ways through which the process of learning can be improved and enhanced.

Here are some important tips and suggestions that can help in learning quickly and effectively:

Try and study early in the morning after a good night’s sleep. At this time the brain remains fresh and can absorb things in a faster manner. Things that are studied in the morning remain in the memory for a longer period of time than things that are studied all throughout the day.

Make sure that after you read a thing, you write the thing down as well. Writing the important points and notes after reading it helps in making a good impression on the mind. You must avoid typing the thing on the computer and rather use a notebook and a pen for writing down the lesson.

Take breaks in between lessons. Our brain works like a machine. Like a machine needs rest after some time, take a break from studies after regular intervals and come back with a fresh mind. You can see the results yourself that you will be able to concentrate and study in an even better manner.

Try teaching the lesson you just learnt to some friend. When you teach a thing concepts get clear. You might have had some doubts in your learning. But while teaching the same thing, these doubts might get cleared by themselves. It also helps in making a solid base and foundation of the lessons learnt.

Do not take stress and get tensed if you are not being able to learn something by trying again and again. It is best to leave that topic and that lesson for the time being and shift to a new lesson of a different subject preferably. Next time when you sit with the same lesson, you might understand it at the first go only.

Create notes of lessons in different colors and if possible with simple illustrations. It is common human psychology that we often tend to remember things that have a visual effect. You might forget a particular point in the exam. Remembering the color in which it was written in the note or the illustration that was there with it might make you remember the point.

Use reading and learning styles that you are comfortable with. While some people prefer to read in their mind, some prefer to read lessons aloud so that the sound reaches the ears. Through this, all organs - the eyes, ears and the mouth work in unison and help in learning a better lesson.

Apply these techniques and see your learning skills improve over the time.


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