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Some Thoughts On And Some Personal Experiences With Telepathy

Updated on February 5, 2010


From my book I am rewriting-Halfway To Heaven


I thought a lot about Frazura after that wonderful experience.  I kept thinking about the spirits in the institution.  I thought of the WishfulValley.  I knew that I would never quite think the same way about mental institutions.  I also thought a lot about 'head talk' which was a central theme in my spirit journey with the fairy like lady Frazura. 

Since I was a young child I was able to sometimes sense things that people were thinking.  Sometimes I would hear actual words.  However, I was too shy to ever mention anything or really try to develop it.  To be honest, it kind of scared me and I did not think my parents or my pastor or the people at church would welcome such talk from a child who was trying to be a good Christian boy.  So I kept quiet and the ability didn't go much further.  I have come to believe that telepathy is very real and many of the metaphysical books I have state over and over that in ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria that telepathy was commonly utilized accepted forms of communication.

          I was ready to validate that belief when I began my psychic development back in the mid-eighties.  I had been training for about three years and was still not able to do full readings.  I would pick up impressions, images, and bits of information but I wanted to be able to do an entire psychic reading.  So I named my intention, put it out to the universe, and it was something like a week later that the most unthinkable teacher would show up; my own beloved lover and friend Mary had had some powerful psychic awakenings at a weekend conference she attended.  When she returned her 'third eye' was opened up and she became highly clairvoyant overnight you could almost say.  She could also interpret dreams and to my delightful surprise and pleasure she was able to teach and train me.  We spent several hours a day for over six weeks working intensely.  We'd cover symbology, past lives, clairvoyance, mediumship and other topics.  After about a month Mary said, Michael, we are going to work with telepathy.  We did this before in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria and we still have that skill.

          "Okay, I am game."

          After we meditated she told me to concentrate on an animal.  See only that animal in your mind, Michael.  Feel its texture and see its color.  Look into its eyes.  Let no other thoughts or images enter your mind.  You can do this.  Concentrate."

          I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm my mind.  Then I conjured the image of a white Persian cat and tried to only see that image while utilizing my other senses to hold into focus the image that I had created of the cat.  Mary said, "I see white fur and am sensing a cat."  Is this what you are concentrating on?"
          "Yes," I said full of exuberance.  

          "Now I want you to concentrate on some person that you admire.  See their features.  What they are wearing.  What they look like and where they might be."

          I concentrated on Mahatma Gandhi who I have long admired.

          A few moments later Mary said, "I am seeing a Holy Man.  Is this who you concentrated upon?"
          "Yes, I was thinking about Mahatma Gandhi."

          "We need to relax a few moments," Mary said.  "This takes a lot of energy and with everything else it gets easier with practice."  Then a few minutes later she let out a small cry and a gasp.  "What have you done to me, Michael?  You have zapped me.  There is a red flare in your aura.  You are mad at someone."

          I blushed and realized my thoughts had wandered and I was feeling hurt and anger about a friend who recently stood me up and then just blew me off when I confronted him.  Mary said it was the anger that created a electrical type of current that zapped her. 

          "It felt like an electrical shock.  You can't let your thoughts wander, " she chided me.  This is very fragile and delicate work.  Your concentration must not waver; it has to be impeccable."

          I felt so badly and was so frightened by the experience that I ended our telepathy work.  But I never forgot the experience and what potential it revealed as well as how careful we must be when participating in telepathy exercises. 

          All these years later I have come to believe that we each constantly engage in various forms of telepathy with various people even though we may be totally unconscious of it.  We all know about some of the proverbial experiences such as we find ourselves thinking about a friend and the phone rings or we receive an email or spontaneous visit from them.   Or we call someone and they say I was just thinking about you.  I think that to some extent we are engaging in telepathy when we are working with the universal law of attraction. 

          When I want to do more psychic readings, and parties, I often put out that intention and constantly repeat it.  Just the other day I said very clearly and concisely, "Spirit, please bring me a party for July."  A few minutes later the phone rang and a lady booked a party.  I think she may have subconsciously picked up on my request and we tuned into each other's energy and connected on a deeper level.  It is also possible that she had been thinking about having a party, because she told me that she had.  But it could have been my thoughts that she read and picked upon that prodded her to make the phone call to me and to book the party.

          I smile when I recall the time I was going through the yellow pages while thinking then saying "I need a new radio show."  So when I came to Mix 94 I felt something with that and called them.  The lady on the other end howled saying, they had just said we need to get a psychic on our show."  Perhaps I was picking up on their thoughts.  I recall my mother telling me many years ago that she wanted to take her mother out to dinner that night to a new restaurant in town.  Mamaw cordially thanked Mom and said, I cannot go, because Billy is going to call tonight.  That night sure enough Billy called Mamaw.  Now was mamaw receiving a psychic impression or premonition?  Could Billy have unconsciously and telepathically told mamaw that he was going to call her and did she unconsciously pick up on his thoughts?  I am not sure that we can ever totally know just what all is going on when we have such experiences.  I still find them fascinating all the same.

          I think about the times when I am doing psychic readings and I receive names of people, places, and relevant information that means something to the client.  I will often hear names or initials and give messages about such people.  Recently at a conference where I did a 'spirit guide' channeling, I was talking to a lady in the audience.  In my mind I heard the song "Bali Hai" from the musical South Pacific.  "How interesting," she said, "I just played that song on the piano yesterday."

            It is a very enchanting and spiritual, I might add, song which I happen to know so I sang it."  Did some spirit guide (mine or hers) plant the thought of Bali Hai in my mind or was the client and I engaging in some form of telepathy?  Could such experiences be a combination of psychic occurrences?  I think that is very possible as I don't believe that psychic phenomena can be categorized so simply.  Such unusual experiences continually convince me of the vast potential inherent in human beings. 

          The powers of the mind and psyche could very well know no limits for the brave mavericks who dare to go where many do not dare venture.  Long live the mavericks and pioneers and may they constantly reach out to bolder frontiers and bring back knowledge and wisdom that improves and enriches the human condition and experience.  I make a toast to them one and all!


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    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Yeah, soon we no longer be needing telephones, lol,


    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 8 years ago from Colorado

      Very nice, agree with your thoughts about telepathy--Laughing Rain's too! I also agree that it's so subtle but I think that more and more of us are noticing the increase in abilities these days. Thanks Michael for another wonderful and thought-provoking article.

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      You got that one right on! My guides talk about the INTERNET just being a symbol or outward expression of "THE INNER NET" the soul connection that we all have.

      So when do I get to enjoy your next hub? blessings

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 8 years ago from Arizona

      I've had this somewhat silly thought for awhile now that as soon as the true golden age gets here for the majority telephone companies will go out of business. those with telepathy really don't need the phone to make contact.

      thanks for this article Mike. LR