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Some questions that give rise to some more...

Updated on October 3, 2013

OBSERVATION #1 - Its so obvious that everything has an end. But do things are built as quickly as they end? Certainly Not.

Its always difficult to start and build something than it is to destroy it. (Physics geeks, please don't argue by saying that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and don't feel bad as although I agree with the same but not speaking in the same sense. I am speaking in a broader sense, as in how we see things, and not how they behave in quantum physics.)

In that sense I believe the universe to be entropic. Everything is just rushing towards its end. Its plain to see.

Whatever is created has an end too.

Questions that arise - Why is it like that? Why there is an end to good things and bad. Is human race going towards an end? What is that end? Why is it necessary to go towards an end?

OBSERVATION #2 - Human race has done foolish things in the past and they continue to do so.

Well, this one may seem controversial and debatable to some. But IMHO, the above statement is true.

Wherever you look in history, you'll find that people fought over unlimited resources, did unjust and worst distribution of resources and then tried to show themselves as priests and people of God. They've tried to punish those who were just and truthful because the majority is egoistically blind enough NOT to face the truth, let alone understand it. And believe me, if you see things in their true sense despite of the fact that humans have progressed, things still haven't got any better!

Questions that arise - Why is human progress so slow? Why do so many good lives have to come to bitter ends before human race can finally grasp the truth? Can't we live forever as good souls?

OBSERVATION #3 - Physical world/phenomenon are difficult to understand.

It takes an entire lifetime to understand just one branch of physics and still there are so many questions left behind.

Questions that arise - Why are physical concepts so hard for the common man to understand? Are humans considered as one, poor by universal standards? Why would someone create a universe and make it mindbogglingly complex yet comprehensible? Why are we in a state of confusion about the universe? Why are we so confused that we've to use the word 'maybe' with every answer we give to a genuine questioner.

Comments and Answers welcome. More to come soon...


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