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Some Health and life style notes from a nerd

Updated on April 11, 2016


Derrrlicioous lunch today! I didn’t have time to run home for lunch and I was feeling like sushi today! Vegetable roll with brown rice- with avocado and carrots. So yummy!

The Pot is clean

You get a picture of my feet because my face has pillow marks on it.
My first class this morning got cancelled, so I’m off to the gym for an hour or so to get my muscle on before my second hour. :) I had a tough time falling asleep last night, so I had a tiny internal battle about whether going today was necessary. It is. I’m going.

One dumb thing: the teacher today wants most of the class hour, so she said to just do a quick warmup. Like, five minutes quick. So I’m going to school to work for five minutes

and apple a day

Every time. Every time we’re in some kind of desperate situation whereby a family member’s temperature refuses to go down for days…
And I resort to the egg white massage method… It works. I don’t even know how it works but it works!

She’s no longer radiating heat… She’s perked up and happy and at least willing to eat… Even though she’s still not eating much…


been a little MIA lately. as i tend to do here and there… well, i’m back and this time i have a personal challenge.

starting today i’m doing 30 days of at home eating. no take out, no delivery, no fast food, no sit down, no nothin’

gonna test my stomach/cravings/wallet/patience and see how this goes. I’m actually pretty excited. there’s loads of recipes i’ve been wanting to try and I hope this gets the ball rolling.

i’m not gonna pretend there wont be some TJ’s ready made meals here and there, a girl’s got shit to do, but i’m gonna try real hard to make everything i eat. i’ll use this place to keep a diary of sorts and keep you guys posted. wish me luck!

However a year later, my doctor was very concerned for my health. I was only 24 but I was to close to having a heart attack. I had high cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress levels. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes also ran in my family. I was a walking time bomb. She suggested a reduction in the amount of meat and animal by products that I consume. I was not happy. Nor did I know how to eat without meat. My bestfriend introduced me to theIt is an online e-book that teaches how to eat cleanly and workout in your home (without equipment or gym membership). I took the fit girl’s challenge three times each challenge lasts 28 days). Each time, I reduced how much meat I consumed in my meals. It took 3 months, but I eventually transitioned into a Vegetarian.

Forks over Knives

I watched it last month and now, I am in transition to a plant-based diet. I also recommend everyone to watch it as well. A plant-based diet is not for everyone and I am not going to waste my time preaching a meat-free/animal by-product free life. However, I will be an example. It is a lifestyle change. I have messed up already. And it won’t happen overnight. But I will log my journey, goals, recipes, food reviews, etc here. Before transitioning, I did a lot of research and sat with my doctor to determine if I would have any deficiencies based off my blood work. Consult your doctor before attempting something like this.

Been feeling kinda down the last few weeks that I’ve been at the same weight since October .. But sometimes I manage to remember that for the first time in years, I lost 10kg and I’ve been keeping it off for the last six months without much effort!

Still need to get my ass back in gear though because as soon as I sort of let go, I feel really horrible and fat so I want to get down to a weight where I feel comfortable with a few extra pounds more every now and then.

i already hate going to the ER but tonight was even worse cause my nurses and doctor denied my illness to be real. and this isnt the first time this has happened. this just astounds me that people are so quick to call me a fake and a liar. why would I go to the ER for fun?that place is one of the last places I ever want to be. the awareness of dysautonomia needs to be spread. it isnt fake and it is very real and hard to deal with already without having professionals tell me I’m perfectly fine because I have healthy lab reports and vitals. its deeper than that. UGH


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