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Some things about Assisted Living

Updated on November 7, 2007

How some things work out

Each person is assigned a table to sit at everyday..This can be a very good thing..or not so good.

When you are the "New " one everyone is giving you hugs and want you to be their friend. You may choose to go for walks with them...go to the exercise classes...attend different functions together , but it is not always the right choice of people you have to eat with everyday and every meal. My Mother had a "not so good" experience with this very thing. Although she tried to be patient and get along... it just wasn't working for her... So she did take it upon herself to ask the directer to move her to a different table.

Which was done , without too much trouble. The people at the table she left, were then very harsh with her and made her feel sad. However that soon was forgotten and she became very good friends with the 3 people she was now assigned to. It turned out to be with one married couple and another gentleman...I might add here , that she and the other gentleman are quite the couple now.

As a matter of fact when they were attending a music program, they got up and else really joined in the dancing..but were applauding ,and it was the talk of the facility for a while. So in the picture of things...these facilities can be a Blessing for our elderly folks. They have many different people to converse with..they are never alone..unless they chose to be alone in their seperate apartments.

They are allowed to have one guest a month eat with them and it doesn't cost anything..or if you want to join them at any meal more often, it only cost $5.00. And the food is okay.( But that is another topic). My mom likes it when I come to eat with her..I think it seems more like home that way.


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