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Soon willl start the production of DNA-based chips

Updated on December 25, 2010

Engineer Chris Doire from Duke University in the U.S. predicts that the next generation of logic chips and circuits will be cheap and made in almost unlimited quantities. The secret is to use DNA instead of silicon and light and electricity.

According to Doire, the usual technology has reached the physical limit. Ability to cheaply produce an almost unlimited number bioshem will be the most logical step in the development industry. DNA is a natural repository of information and the degree of scrutiny possible to synthesize artificial molecules with desired properties.

In the last series of experiments, Chris Doire has demonstrated that by combining fragments of DNA and other molecules, it can create literally trillions of tiny, identical to each other structures. These nano-structures are collected independently, and then add to them chromophores - the molecule sensitive to light. These bioshemy can be programmed by means of light radiation, creating conditional statements and logic gates. Bioshemy could become building blocks for various applications such as measuring and computing.

- "Light falls on the surface of the chromophores and is absorbed by them, exciting electrons. Liberated energy is transferred to the closest of the chromophore of another type, which also absorb it and then transmit light with different wavelength. This difference indicates that the outgoing light can be easily changed by the chromophores of the indicator "- says Doire.

Instead of the usual schemes, using an electric voltage in order to perform logical operations to choose between zero and one, or "yes" or "no", the light can be used to perform similar operations on the basis of DNA chips, and thus much faster.



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