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Sources of Electricity

Updated on November 7, 2009



Sources of Electricity

Electricity is produced in different ways from different sources., The most common sources are the following:

1.              Static electricity is produced by friction. In friction, electron in an insulator can be separated by rubbing to produce opposite charges that remain in the dielectric.

2.      Heat energy is converted into electrical energy through the use of a device called thermo couple. The voltage produced by this device is directly proportional to the temperature of the metal wires.

3.      Photoelectric cell is a device that can emit electron when light strikes the surface.

4.              Pressure applied on certain crystals such as quartz can produce electricity.

5.              Magnetism: any moving charge has an associated magnetic field and any changing magnetic field can produce current. A motor is an example of how current reacts to a magnetic field to produce motion.

6.              Wet or dry cells and batteries are examples of applications of chemical energy.


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      Michael 7 years ago

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      meme 7 years ago

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