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Rajput History: Southern origin of some Rajput clans

Updated on February 18, 2017

-Mahaveer Sanglikar

There are many similar clans in Marathas of Deccan and Rajputs of North India. Many Marathas like to find their origin in Rajput clans of Rajasthan.

When the Brahmins of Maharashtra denied to coronate the great Maratha warrior Shivaji on the basis of his not being a Kshatriya (Warrior Class), some of his ministers arranged to bring a genealogy chart from Udaipur in Rajasthan showing that he was from the linage of Sisodiya Rajputs. But this was just an adjustment, as the genealogy chart was not authentic. New research has proved that the Bhosales, in which King Shivaji was born, was originated from Hoysals of Karnataka.

Most of the Maratha clans are originated from different regions of India. We can say the same thing about Rajputs also. It is interesting to know that some clans of Rajputs were originated from Deccan, i.e. present day Maharashtra and North Karnataka. They migrated to Rajasthan, Malwa and Gujarat, settled there and ruled that region.

Common Clans in Marathas and Rajputs

Let us first see the list of common clans between Marathas and Rajputs.

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Maratha Clan  
Rajput Clan  
Rathore (Rathod)
Rathore (Rathod)

Out of the above clans, only Chavan, Sisodia and Rana are from Rajputana. I have given the description below. More, Jadhav clans are not from Rajputana, and remaining all have their roots in South.

Rashtrakut Empire
Rashtrakut Empire | Source

Origin of Rathore Clan of Rajputs

Rashtrakut was a mighty dynasty of Deccan, who ruled between C.E. 753 to 982. The Rashtrakut empire was spread all over southern part of India and it also covered Gujarat, Malwa and Rajasthan. The Rathore clan was originated from Rashtrakuts of Deccan. Kandhar (near Nanded of Maharashtra) was the first capital of Rastrakuts, which was later shifted to Malkhed (Manyakhet) in present day Gulbarga district of Karnataka.

During the rule of Rashtrakuts on Gujarat, Malwa and Rajasthan, many families relating to this dynasty migrated from South to this region. Their descendents are known as Rathore (Rathod). The word Rathod is derived from the original Marahatti language word Ratthawud.

Later the clan was divided into various clans, namely Gahadwal, Bundela, Chandela and Parmar.

So origin of the clans Rathore, Gahadwal, Bundela, Chandela and Parmar is in Maharashtra and North Karnataka.

The brances of Rathores ruled most of present day the Rajasthan, including Marwar, Bikaner, Kishangarh etc., until the independence of India.

Chalukya Empire
Chalukya Empire | Source

Origin of Solanki Clan of Rajputs

Solanki is one of the famous Rajput clans. It is found in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The orgin of this clan is in the Chalukya dynasty of Deccan. (C.E. 543 to 753)

Like Rashtrakuts, Chalukya was also a mighty dynasty. Chalukya empire was spread all over present day Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra and southern parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The first capital of Chalukya dynasty was at Kundal, in Sangli district of present day Maharashtra. Later it was shifted to Badami near present day Vijapur of Karnataka.

A branch of Chalukyas ruled from Gujarat, the most famous emperor of this branch was Kumarpal Solanki. (C.E. 1143 to 1172)

Baghela is another famous clan of Rajputs, it is a branch of Solankis.

Origin of Silar Clan of Rajputs

Silar clan of Rajputs is not else than the Shilahars of Deccan. Shilahars had 6 branches, all ruled from various places in Maharashtra. The most famous branch of Shilahars was Kolhapur in Southern Maharashtra. It is a subject of research than when some Shilahars migrated to North.

Research by Professor Yashwant Malaiya

Renowned historian Professor Yashwant Malaiya (Colorado University, USA) mentions in his article Maharashtra/Karnataka: Original Center of several Rajputs clans?

"Some of the Rajput clans originated from Maharashtra/Karnataka region with absolute certainty. Some of the others are, to the best of my knowledge, branches of clans that originated from Maharashtra/Karnataka". He adds, "We should note that emergence of Rajputs coincides with expansion of Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas into western/northern India."

Malaiya adds further, "around the same time lineages of Jain Bharratakas (Sarasvati-Gachchha-Balatkara-Gana as well as Pustaka-gachchha-Desiya-Gana) appeared in North India".

It is interesting to know that Rashtrakuts were great patrons of Jainism.So no wonder, the Jain Bhattarak seats of south India got a scope in Rajasthan-Gujarat-Malwa regions.

Social, Cultural and Religious Interaction

As a large population of Deccan people migrated to Rajput area during Rashtrakut and Chalukya period, there was a social, cultural and religious interaction between these migrants and original inhabitants. As the migrants were from ruling sides, Deccan culture was spread amongst the indigenous people.

In many Rajputs, Aai is the popular word used for Goddess. The word Aai is of Marathi origin, and it is used both for Mother and Goddess. Beside that, the word Baai is also used by Rajput for Mother. The word Baai is also of Marathi origin.

There are many similarities between people of Rajputana and Deccan, in food, language, physical features etc. If you compare Marwadi language with Marathi, you will find many common words, which are generally not found in other related languages like Hindi etc. A great resemblance between Marwadi and Marathi is the use of the letter ळ. This letter is not used in Hindi language.

The words Wad (वाड) and Wadi (वाडी) themselves are originally from North Karnataka and South Maharashtra, extremely used both in Kannada and Marathi language.

Jainism flourished in Rajasthan in Rajput period, and there are many evidences that this religion came to Rajasthan from North Karnataka and South Maharashtra. According to Prabadh Chintamani, a collection of essays of medieval times, many queens of Rajputs were from Deccan and belonging to Royal Jain families. The same book mentions that Jain idols in Rajputana were imported from Karnataka.


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  • profile image

    RReddy 3 years ago

    hi I am Raghu Reddy-"Reddy" is a clan emerged from Rastrakutas, Rattis, Reddy later ruled in North Knataka, Andhra, Deccan regions....I like the many genetic, historic, lingustic research proves, we may be from Rathod or from Chalukyas....I see common link!!!

  • jainismus profile image

    Mahaveer Sanglikar 5 years ago from Pune, India

    Ed Michaels, thank you for reading this Hub and commenting on it.

  • Ed Michaels profile image

    Ed Michaels 6 years ago from Texas, USA

    I am glad I came across this hopping the hubs. I don't know much about India and its various internal groupings, other than what can be gained from novels, and that, I know, is suspect. Very interesting. Very good.