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Spanish Lesson Sixty-Eight: Idiomatic Expressions With Poner

Updated on December 2, 2013

Hi Readers!

Welcome back! Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? I know I did. ;) It's great to be back to the normal. Holidays seem to tire us, doesn't it? Anyhow, welcome back and let's get back to business. Our last lesson featured Idiomatic Expressions with Tener, right? Well this week we're going to work on another idiomatic verb and that is going to be poner. So thanks for reading and supporting and I hope you enjoy this week's lesson.

I've been talking about starting another lesson once I've reached one hundred Spanish lessons. Anyone interested in that? I'm thinking probably Portuguese. I'm also interested in many other languages. Or I might just concentrate on TV and Book reviews... I'm not certain what I'll do, but I'll keep you informed. I will be taking another break during the last two weeks of December to observe New Year's Day and, of course, Christmas Day. So those weeks there will not be any lessons. Now that I've said everything, let's learn about the objectives.


  • To Recognize pertinent expressions using the verb poner
  • To Be Able to introduce new Spanish language into the everyday
  • To Understand the significance of the expressions in this lesson

Do You Know The Literal Meaning of "Poner"?

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Poner Has Many Uses

Poner, like Tener, has a multitude of uses and can be used to create new expressions that cannot be created any other way. I recommend always looking up expressions to remind yourself how to complete a thought when conversing with another Spanish speaker. Poner and its reflexive form, ponerse has a lot of functions in the language.

The tricky part is, knowing which expressions are needed and how to use them. Poner is very different from Tener and won't be as easy to retain. So pay attention to the phrases and check out the examples in this lesson. Good luck!

English Expression
Spanish Equiv
To Become...
To Make Good
Poner Bien
To Make Clear
Poner En Claro
To Start
Poner En Marcha
To Put In Danger
Poner En Juego
To Put At Risk
Poner En Riesgo
To Lay An Egg
Poner Huevo
To Object
Poner Pegas
To Blush
Ponerse Rojo
To Stand
Ponerse Pie
To Prefer
Poner Por Encima

Today's Vocabulary

Hey Readers

So since we're learning about Poner this week, today's vocabulary will consist of expressions that rely on the use of the verb poner. Take a good look at these Idiomatic Expressions and remind yourself that they cannot be taken literally. Like many phrases in English, these phrases using poner can sound quite a bit different from their intended meaning. That's what makes them idiomatic.

Take not of the expressions, put them into your mind. They are essential to everyday language and can help you continue to expand your knowledge. So without further ado, let's check out some more on this lesson.

  • Ensure that poner reflects the subject accordingly
  • Use "muy" when referring to very
  • When referring to a person after expression use the personal "a" to refer to animals or people
  • When referring to something inanimate use "de" to refer to that object.

Expressions Using Poner and Using Ponerse

Hey Readers,

Welcome to the lesson portion. This week we're going to discuss some idiomatic expressions using poner. "Poner" literally means "to put". So kinda put that in your head as the definition of this word. It actually makes sense when put into context. Think of "putting" someone red... or making them blush. Think about "putting" eggs to lay an egg. I know it sounds really weird, but that's the best way for you to remember. Let's look at some examples today and I have a special note for you all in this lesson. Or a second part, that is.

Check it out these terms:

Pablo pone la problema claro. Pablo puts (makes) the problem clear. See how poner reflects the subject. Make sure your conjugations are proper every time. Use an object after the verb to refer to something and then end it with the proper ending.

Yo pongo por encima de leer. I prefer to read. Remember to conjugate your verb! Poner is irregular in most cases, so make sure you understand that. Also, note that the phrases all require poner to come before the object, person, or infinitive.

Yo pongo mi camisa. I put on my shirt. "Poner" can also mean "put on" in reference to clothing. Keep that in mind. "Quitar" would refer to take off your close. If you were wondering.

Yo pongo ella por riesga. I put her at risk. Get it? Now... let's get to the second portion of this lesson.

Using Ponerse

If you'll note, some of these expressions require the verb "Ponerse" which literally means "to become". You can use this verb to describe how a person became. Usually this works for emotions like sad or happy or mad. It can also refer to quite a bit more. The lesson extending upon this will be here soon. Don't worry about it. So let's look at the ponerse examples.

Cuando la vi me puse contento. When (her) I saw I became happy. Alright... who remembers reflexive verbs? Me, The, Se, Nos, Se are reflexive pronouns and must precede the conjugation of ponerse. It conjugates EXACTLY the same as Poner. Just make sure the reflexive pronoun is there. Also remember that it comes after the I.O.P.s and D.O.P.s. Remember? Well if you haven't, we're going to review soon.

Quiero ponerse pie. I want to be stand. The reason I did not conjugate ponerse follows the oldest rule. Two conjugated verbs cannot stand side by side. Therefore the second verb must be unconjugated.

Well that's today's lesson. Thanks so much for reading! Oh! Next week we're going to over Hair Styles? I guess so, lol. See you next week!

© 2013 AE Williams


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    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you! So glad to have your support! :-)

    • Austinstar profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere near the heart of Texas

      Good lesson!


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