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Spanish Vocabulary - Ala (Wing)

Updated on July 21, 2013

Ala - Wing

Wing Airbus A320, by Biso
Wing Airbus A320, by Biso

Ala (Wing, in English)


Gender: "Ala" is a feminine noun.

Origins: From Latin term "ala"

Translation: Wing

Pronunciation: click here - Ala -

Ala is feminine word, although this word must be preceded by a masculine article (el, un) in the singular. That's because saying "la ala" or "una ala" produces cacophony.

On the other hand, we can use feminine adjectives or demonstratives with "ala", as in "esa ala" ("that wing") or "bonita ala" ("nice wing").

In short, "el ala", "un ala", are correct. But "la ala" or "una ala" is wrong. (See tables below)

El ala? La ala? Using definite and indefinite articles.

El ala
La ala
Un ala
Una alas
Las alas
Los alas
Unas alas
Unos alas
Note: We use masculine forms of the definite and indefinite singular articles "el" and "un" instead of using "la" or "una".

Ese ala? Esa ala? Using demonstratives with "ala".

Esta / Esa / Aquella ala
Este / Ese / Aquel ala
Estas / Esas / Aquellas ala
Estos / Esos / Aquellos ala
Note when we use a demonstrative (este - this-, ese - that-, aquel -that over there-) with "ala", we'll use the feminine form.
'Wing", by marcosbseguren
'Wing", by marcosbseguren
Airplane Wing. By Oblivion8000 (talk).Oblivion8000 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Airplane Wing. By Oblivion8000 (talk).Oblivion8000 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons | Source
By Russ McGinn (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Russ McGinn (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons | Source

Ala definitions

According to the "Real Academia de la Lengua": 'ala" is:

  • "Cada uno de los órganos o apéndices pares que utilizan algunos animales para volar." That is: "Each pair of organs or appendix some animals use to fly".
  • "Cada una de las partes que a ambos lados del avión presentan al aire una superficie plana y sirven para sustentar el aparato en vuelo.". ("Every part that, at both sides of the plane present to the air a plain surface and are used to keep the plane in flight"
  • "Cada una de las partes que se extienden a los lados del cuerpo principal de un edificio o en que se considera dividido un espacio o construcción cualesquiera." (Every part located at the sides of the main building, or parts a space or building is considered to be divided in")

Spanish expressions with 'ala' (Source: gives us other uses for this word:

  • ala de un edificio = wing of a building.
  • ala as 'flanco" (flanck, side)
  • ala de sombrero = brim
  • talking about sport, ala = winger
  • and also: ala delta = hang glider


  • Picture 'Wing Airbus A320' by Biso
  • Picture "Wing", by marcosbseguren
  • Picture "National Gallery of Irland Millenium wing interior1, By Russ McGinn (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia CommonsSource

Spanish uses of 'ala' (Source:

The "Real Academia de la Lengua" includes the following uses of the Spanish word "ala":

  1. Sports related term: meaning "edge" or "limit". Example: "El balón pasó por el ala derecha."
  2. Meaning "row" or "line":
  3. As shown on the site: "Parte inferior del sombrero, que rodea la copa." (Inner part of the hat, that sourroundes its crown, )
  4. Meaning "alero", (English: "eaves, overhanging roof edge)")
  5. El ala de la nariz = La aleta = The nose wing.

Other uses of "ala"... I have ever heard of before!

The "Real Academia de la Lengua" includes some interesting uses of the Spanish word "ala". (Also interesting for the point of view of a native Spanish speaker!:

  • Ala del corazón. That is, "aurícula" (heart's auricle, atrium)
  • Ala de mosca. "Treta o flor que usaban los fulleros en el juego de naipes." ("Trickor flower worn by crooks in the game of cards.")
  • There is also a plural use of "ala del corazón", that is, "alas de corazón", to refer to "encouragament".

Finaly, some expressions with "ala":

  1. Ahuecar el ala: to leave, to go away.
  2. Arrastrar el ala: to make someone fall in love with somebody, or to fall in love with.
  3. Caérsele a alguien las alas del corazón. (To faint). Well, it sounds much more poetic: "when someone's heart wings fall down".
  4. Coger mucha ala: When someone is acting to freely, taking other's attributions.
  5. Cortar las alas a alguien: (To cut the wings to someone). This means "to discourage someone".


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