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Special Education Options

Updated on February 9, 2010

A child with special needs and learning disabilities is someone who requires different training and development of a normal child. This may be due to a physical, mental or emotional delay training or a learning disability in particular. 
Today, a large amount of educational subsidies are available to families to help with the extra costs to provide special education services or in relation to children with special needs. This very often could include a very talented child with certain physical and mental disabilities. 

Evaluation of development problems 

Children with developmental disabilities are entitled to educational evaluations as part of the medical certification process. As soon as something is suspected parents should describe the problems of child development in their medical history. 

Evaluation and treatment plans for the educational needs of the child may be conceived early in life.  Experts with special education degrees in the field emphasize the importance of early intervention. 

Children with learning problems should not be considered abnormal. They just have a different way of handling information. The solution is for parents and teachers to find out what the child's treatment system is and what helps compensate the child focusing on their strengths. Since the development problems affect various aspects of physical and psychological health, evaluations are often lengthy. 

The evaluation of a child in school might include an educational evaluation of the child's special needs such as speech, hearing and neurological examinations, and a series of psychiatric interviews. 

It is recommended that a Regional Medical Officer, Psychiatrist, or Nurse Practitioners are enlisted. Parents should also get written reports from school so the issue can be fully understood. 

It is unlikely that a full assessment is completed immediately. Complications of the issues that often occur require multi-specialty assessment. 

After the assessment is made, the child will be allowed to return to the post.  The next step is to try to develop a program for the child. However, before the child is cleared for a position on a new charter school proposal is necessary. 

When making a clearance decision for the child, counselors and medical division often consider the appropriateness of dealing with school placement options or home study or online courses in special education.


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