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Spider web painting with spray paint

Updated on October 25, 2011

Spider web painting

Yeah, I know. I already did a spider web painting with the marble and the shoe box. This is totally different. This involves real webs. It's a great way to teach kids about the difference in spiders and their webs. That's because each spider has a different kind of web for its needs, funnel webs, trap doors, and such. That's how they're classified, too, by the types of webs they spin. How cool is that?

What you'll need is a can of dark spray paint but not laquer, some white paper, and oh yeah, a spider web. Go for a walk. Look in between plants, bushes, and trees for the webs. Your standard orb web, thats the round kind, works best but defintiely look out for other kinds. When you find the web, tap on it to make sure no one's home. Make sure everyone stands with their backs to the wind so no one gets a face full of paint. Spray the web quick with a back and forth motion. Cover it so there are beads of paint on the web. Then curve the edges of the paper so the center touches the web first, then very carefully straighten the paper until the entire web is on the paper. Let it dry and then display. Get your journals out and write about the experience. Ask how the spider spins a web, why different spiders spin different webs, and how they spider knows there's a bug in the web.

Give your kids white chalk and black paper to make their own webs. Take pictures of different webs and have the kids match the spider to the web.You could even adopt a spider on your property somewhere, not near my house or out comes the vacuum, and watch it. Record its behaviors and habits in your journals.

Hope this gives you some ideas.



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  • Ivorwen profile image

    Ivorwen 8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

    I loved doing this as a child... but all we had for spiders was a black and white barn spider.