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Spider web toss

Updated on October 25, 2011

Spider web toss

So I talked about spiders earlier and my deeply rooted fear of such. But I know my daughter is a better person for my educating her about them. They're still creepy though. I thought this would be a good time to talk about their webs, those sticky, nasty, bug filled, stringy, messes that catch flies and mosquitoes. The webs are actually quite cool. They have a sticky surface that holds the prey until the spider decides to come on over and kill it. Then the spider wraps it up in a sack and stores it for later, like a doggy bag. Ewwwww!!!!

Anywho, now that that's done what you'll need for this activity is contact paper and pom poms or packing peanuts. Now you can have your kids decorate the pom poms/packing peanuts like bugs. Cut the contact paper into long strips and start placing the strips in a low corner of a room in a sort of web shape. Make sure the sticky side is sticking out. Now this sounds easy, maybe I'm just mechanically ungifted, but it tends to get a little sticky a messy so be prepared. Once you're all set up, have your kids start tossing the bugs into the web. Honestly, that's it. No lie, your kids will do this forever. Then, when they're done, guess what, get the journals out. Again have them write or draw about their experience. Ask them why spiders make their webs sticky, what kids of bugs get stuck in the webs, and what keeps the spiders from sticking to the webs. Now for that last one, if you don't know, look it up.

Now a really cool art activity you can do is marble paint a spider web. All you do is take a shoebox, put black constuction paper at the bottom. Drop a marble in some white paint then drop the marble in the shoebox. Start rolling the marble by tilting the box. You could even do this with glue and then sprinkle glitter on it.

A great field trip you could take is spider hunting at night. If yuo hold a flashlight up by your eyes and look around you'll actually be able to see the spiders better because spiders reflect light. Yeah, cool, I know.

You could also make spider web lacing cards by taking some black construction paper, cover it with contact paper, then punch holes around it. Give your kdis some white yarn and have themlace the yarn through the holes to make a web.

How about acting out Little Miss Muffett? Even better, for the older kids, learn about the real Miss Muffett and her father, Dr. Muffett who was a homeopathic doctor. That's all I'll tell you. You have to learn the rest for yourself. Trust me, it's gross.

Where I live we have brown recluse and black widows. I also have a wonderful scar on my leg from a recluse bite. Teach your kids about these spiders and how to stay safe by staying away.

Well, I think that's it for now.


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