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Black Widow Spider and Venom

Updated on February 7, 2015

Most Venomous Spider in North America

The black widow is one of the most feared spiders. The female black widow is the most venomous spider in North America, yet will rarely harm a human. Only if she feels threaten will she strike. The poison from the venom is such a small amount to a human that less than one percent of those bitten have had succumb to death.

Black widows tend to weave the largest spider webs. Usually about 12 inches in diameter and tend to be closer to ground level. Though not always. Their webs are often funnel shaped and uneven. They love to create there homes in damp places, the basement, around outdoor furniture, crawl spaces and around foundations.

If bitten by a black widow, seek medical attention.

Black Widow Spiders Library Bindings - For Readers Ages 9-12 and 4-8

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Black Widow Spider Close Up

Spiders Designs on Fun Gifts

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Some of the Spider Customize Products

Spider Gifts Available on Zazzle - Click Here

The one thing that I love about Zazzle is that anyone can customize any product. Provided that the shopkeeper has checked it off for customization.

The majority of the unique and fun products that I add images to on the different products are customizable. The customer can change the sizes of the image or remove the image and use their own.

The shirts come in many sizes and styles for the entire family.

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The Mating of the Black Widow - See the Eggs and the Babies

Fact List on Black Widow Spiders - Do You Know These?

  1. Females tend to hang upside down from their webs.
  2. The red hourglass marking signals danger to predators.
  3. The female will attack fast with the slightest disturbance.
  4. Spiders are arachnids and not insects.
  5. Their lifespan is around one year, though some species live for three years.
  6. Females only eat their mates in captivity or near starvation.
  7. Be more afraid of the female, her dvenom is much more potent.
  8. The venom is 15 times more toxic than the venom of the prairie rattlesnake.
  9. Besides America, Black Widows live in Russia, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand.
  10. Female Black Widows are 1.5 inches when the legs are spread out and about twice the sizes of the males.
  11. Black Widows come in the colors of black or brown.
  12. Young spiders resemble the male and are harmless to humans.

More Spiders

Black Widow Spider is Powerful

Black Widow Spiders on Amazon - Available Here

Books, gifts and fun spidery items are crawling there.

Black Widow Spider Close Up - Would You Like to Be in the Web?

Black Widow Spiders on Amazon - Share the Venon

Radio Controlled Black Widow

Venom of Marketing

The Venom of Success Online

Aren't We All Spiders Crawling Around on the Web

On the internet, we are very much like spiders. Some of us are black widow spiders. Some of us are a different variety of spiders. The venous spider goes out to the target. Grab the business with one bite, take hold of the customers and not let go until they will be with the black widow for a long time. The black widow is not afraid to spend money and take risk.

In business, the non-venomous spider needs to move more cautiously. Money could be too tight to spend. Proof that this is the right move must be present. This spider is cautious and must build his or her own web at a steady but slow pace. This spider has built many webs in the past; only to have it tore down in one sweep. She will say, "What if I invest all this money to become successful and fail?"

There is no winning or losing spiders with marketing. Unless you give up and wither away in some corner. You need to find the right strategies to make you the winner.

We Are All Spiders

Black Widow Spider Eating Poster - Brighten Up Any Room With This Gift

Cool Poster on Zazzle

© 2008 Sandy Mertens


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