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Spiritual knowledge leads to unity and ignorance to diversity

Updated on February 14, 2016

One must dedicate the fruits of one's actions to God.


The control of the sense is the first and foremost discipline to progress in spiritual life

An exposition of the process of spiritual awakening – analogy of the two birds perching on the selfsame tree: one sitting calm and quiet without eating and the other eating bitter and sweet fruits – the second is but a reflection of the first.

The control of the sense is the first and foremost discipline to progress in spiritual life. Wise people turn their sense inward and realize the immortal immortal self. Our sense - organs drag us towards the external of pleasure, like uncontrolled horses.

The collective disciplines of Niyama are physical and mental purity, contentment, austerity, self study of holy books and scriptures, and devotion to God. One must dedicate the fruits of one's actions to God.

Constantly remember about God with devotion is the essence of meditation on the Divine form, likened to the flow of oil uninterruptedly from one vessel to another. The greatest aid to this practice is Nama- smarana. Devotees must offer heir hearts at the lotus feet of their chosen form of the divine.

The goal of education is the advance


battle of depression


The goal of mankind is knowledge

Higher information is the immediate experience of the enduring Brahman. One who looks upon with an equivalent eye as Brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a puppy, and an outsider, seeing the same awesome rule staying in the hearts of all, is genuine intellectual, an insightful man.

The objective of humanity is learning. That is the one put before us by Eastern logic. All information that the world has ever gotten originates from the brain; the vast library of the universe is in our own psyche. All information, thus, common or profound, is in the human personality. Much of the time it is not found, but rather stays secured and when the covering is as a rule gradually taken off, we say, we are learning' and the development of information is made by the development of this procedure of revealing.

There are two sorts of learning, say the Upanishads – the higher and the lower. Lower information contains investigation of various sciences, including the Vedas. It is the information of the world obtained through the sense. Higher information is immediate experience of the perpetual Brahman i.e., learning of the self.

For aggregate human advancement, there is a need to develop both common and profound information. Investigation of mainstream sciences alone is inadequate and half learning is constantly risky. The individual with inadequate learning might transform into a well – instructed convict, narrow minded, a trick, degenerate and destructive to the general public.

One who looks upon with an equivalent eye a Brahmana enriched with learning and modesty, a bovine, an elephant, a pooch and a pariah, seeing the same perfect guideline abiding in the hearts of all. Is a genuine savant, a shrewd man. Seeing the Lord with standing just as all around, he doesn't harm others and in this way achieves the preeminent objective that is opportunity for conception and passing.

Acknowledgement of solidarity in assorted qualities is the objective of humanity. Otherworldly information prompts solidarity and lack of awareness to assorted qualities.

Accordingly, he is a man's learning in the genuine sense, who earnestly takes a stab at common and in addition profound information.

Banyan tree


Be like a banyan tree

Sri Krishna has flawlessly clarified the thought of self - penance to Uddhava in the Srimad Bhagavatam through the image of tree.

Perceive how these honourable creatures, the trees, live totally for the purpose of others, themselves presented to wind, downpour, warmth, dew and so forth, however shielding us from them. Nobody looking for sustenance from them needs to leave disillusioned. They satisfy the needs of men and different animals with their leaves, blooms, organic products, shadow, roots, bark, timber, sweet noticing sap, fiery debris, wood and delicate sprouts. Man's life in this world is significant and productive to he degree that his energies, riches, knowledge and discourse are used for the benefit of other people.

Be similar to a banyan tree, under which thousands can discover sanctuary and comfort. It is not how "long" we experience that matters, but rather `how' we live, for self – penance is the way to profound sublimation.

high knowledge



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