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Spontaneous Human Combustion, a Revolutionary New Explanation

Updated on November 11, 2018
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Em is a traveller, usually travelling on a shoestring, She has been exposed to many catastrophes! She also likes to do mental exploration.

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)

An Investigation of the Phenomenon of SHC

Spontaneous Human Combustion has been the subject of much scrutiny by very many authors and investigators.

What is Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Spontaneous Human Combustion is the name for the phenomenon when a human being bursts into flames, where there is no obvious external cause for this to happen. Animals have also been known to combust spontaneously.


It has always seemed suspicious to me that Spontaneous Human Combustion has been placed in the category of paranormal phenomena. On examining the circumstances surrounding documented cases, I can find no reason whatsoever to suppose that what we are witnessing here has anything to do with the paranormal. It would appear that whoever is responsible for the phenomenon does not wish it to be credibly investigated. Relegating it to the ranks of the mysterious unexplained, would guarantee that no serious scientist or investigator would be interested in looking at it.

Mary Reeser

Mary Reeser was a victim of spontaneous human combustion
Mary Reeser was a victim of spontaneous human combustion

Discounted Causes, Evidence and Proof

Discounted causes

At first, people tried to argue that spontaneous human combustion had been caused by victims falling asleep in bed with lighted cigarettes, but, since the flames appeared to originate inside the body, the cigarette explanation was discredited. The current favourite explanation is that heavy alcohol consumption makes the body tissues ignite. However, there is no evidence that all the victims are heavy drinkers. This kind of explanation is often put forward by military intelligence as it discredits the victim, thus discouraging further investigation into the matter.

Evidence and proof

It would appear that examples of Spontaneous Human Combustion have manifested at all times and in all places in human geography and history. However, closely documented and verified accounts of Spontaneous Human Combustion have proliferated in the early and mid-twentieth century and that is where we begin to bring our attention to this investigation.

Eleanor White, an Activist Against Electronic Harassment

Electronic Harassment

In very recent times, accounts of the phenomenon appear to have slowed down or stopped and that is the starting point of this investigation.

It seems likely that what we are witnessing when we observe the most recently documented accounts of this phenomenon is actually weapons testing. The ceasing of the flow of documented cases of spontaneous human combustion in the twentieth century appears to have coincided with the beginning of a widespread program of secret electronic harassment against targeted individuals. Electronic harassment is the use of adapted military smart weapons in the civilian area, against non military targets. The official name for this project is the Active denial weapons program.



Spontaneous human combustion appears to be a case of electronic harassment which has not yet been fully developed and brought under control. Targets of present day Electronic harassment do not normally burst into flames (Although some do. It is likely that a certain number of so-called suicide bombings and terrorist attacks are actually present day cases of spontaneous human combustion.), but they commonly witness objects around them burst into flames and they feel as if they are burning up all the time.


The targets of spontaneous human combustion also display very similar circumstances to modern Targeted Individuals of electronic harassment.They tend to be people living on their own, travellers and other types of people without close networks of friends. This is essential for secret experimentation, as the number of witnesses to the harassment must be kept as few as possible. Governments of Western democratic countries have a long and dishonourable history of conducting secret experiments on their own populations: CO-INTEL PRO and MK ULTRA are only two examples among many.

Western Governments Have a Long History of Experimentation on Their Own People.

Compelling Similarity

For me, the most compelling similarity between the two phenomena, is the fact that in both situations, the person is affected, but the inanimate objects right next to them are unaffected. This is also the case with smart bombs, another aspect of the technology.

Accounts of UFO sightings and alien abductions are also probably linked to military testing programs.

Some Suggestions For Protection

It is very hard to protect yourself against electronic attack, but some people have survived, mainly by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the affected area.

Jenny Randles

As a long time admirer of Jenny Randles and her research on the phenomena we call paranormal, I contacted her on Facebook to alert her to my discoveries, concerning spontaneous human combustion. I was very disappointed to receive no acknowledgement from Jenny Randles, however, her work is still worth reading.


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