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St. Francis Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 22, 2009

From Michael's upcoming book "Wisdom From Heavenly Spheres"

Angels of Light Psychic Festival,

September 24, 2000

Cincinnati, Ohio

I have always felt close to St. Francis. I recall the first time I watched the movie about his life, Brother Sun, Sister Moon. I sat mesmerized throughout the film and knew I had to locate a copy to watch it over and over. I read books about him when I was young and even did a school report about his life when I was in high school. He has always been one of my invisible friends and heroes. Naturally I was delighted when I found out that one of the promoters, a Phyllis Hamilton, of psychic shows was equally drawn to him. Phyllis owned a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop for many years. She sponsored two psychic festivals a year. One day we struck up a conversation about channeling. I was still not totally convinced I could really do that. She helped me see that I’m also not convinced that I cannot channel.

After I expressed my concerns and doubts she smiled and gave me a maternal pat on the shoulder. “Michael, I believe in legitimate channeling. Whether it can be proven or not makes no difference to me. As long as the information that comes forward is good and helpful then I’m all for it. Then she invited me to channel St. Francis at her upcoming fair. I had been away from public speaking and channeling for some time and felt a little hesitant and nervous. “Hey, if nothing comes through from St. Francis,” Phyllis said, “you can just let your spirit guide come through and give messages to people. I have heard favorable comments on your spirit guide channelings. People always love them.”

That was fair enough. A few weeks later I was sitting in front of an audience of several people, my small microphone attached to my shirt pocket. I was nervous but excited as I always am when I enter my “what if” frame of mind and let the words pour from me. I greeted the audience, facilitated a meditation and then we listened to the song Brother Sun, Sister Moon from the soundtrack of the movie about St. Francis’s life. A few minutes later these are the words that came forth:

“Lord make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light and where there is sadness, joy. Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, but to console. To be understood, as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. And it is dying that we are born to eternal life.”

“Greetings to you, my dear brothers and my sisters. It takes a few moments to adjust to the channel’s energies when engaging in this type of experience, so if you notice some vocal inflections, this will be common. For this experience is a true interaction and combination of the efforts of two souls to produce a unique communication which I hope will be to your benefit, enjoyment and be an uplifting experience for each of you.

“Let me begin by saying it is truly, truly an honor to be here with you. For as you know we are all God’s children. And we are equally loved in the eyes of our beloved creator. As Master, Jesus the Christ said, where there are two or more gathered in my name, so am I in the midst. I would like you to give honor to this holy sacred space. For the great creator of all life does not bow to whims of personal indulgence. God honors an open heart, a questing spirit and a giving soul. To the great God who loves each and every one of you, God/Goddess is honored as well to be among the presence of His/Her children. This might be a concept that perhaps you do not understand on the intellectual levels. But as you are all part and parcel of God/goddess, God/goddess is part and parcel of you each and everyone.

“It is most unfortunate throughout history that there has been much misunderstanding as to the true nature of our beloved creator. For our beloved creator is most gentle and kind. In the sweet soft stillness of the early morn when the dew marks the coming of the new day, and the lilies and flowers rise to greet the creator, I invite you to welcome the sweetness of yet another honor and glorious day and to take in delight and light from the great sun which nourishes all life. I encourage you if possible in the morning to make a little time for your soul. There is much healing from meditation, solitude and tears. I was one, as you may have read, who was quite a master of revels and also could cry, as you would say now, at the drop of a hat. This is a modern colloquialism which we did not use at my particular time of incarnation. But we spirits evolve as well, and as we make our ascension, one might say we move closer to God, our beloved creator who of course is unlimited in the forms of expression he can take or his boundless love. I simply refer to our creator as “he” as a matter of semantics. God certainly has his feminine attributes as well and they are as important as his masculine ones.

“If I stumble a bit with words please do pardon me. Words take on less meaning and there is less to say as the consciousness ascends. I would wish to say there is less illusion and forgetfulness. In the great theme of your wondrous evolvement I want you to realize that you and your ascended I am “Christ Self” are one and the same.

“I would ask you to try in your moments of fear and sorrow if you can but recall that the spirit of the babe Christ is within your own heart. I encourage you to call upon your beloved creator, God/goddess. This could give you help and instant relief when you feel that you are losing it so to speak. I want you to open your hearts and let your feelings gush. This takes time for those of you who are very busy with your daily involvements and encounters some refer to as “karmic burdens.” Some call them challenges, and one lady said, they are my nightmares.

“As your emotional body heals and you work out more karma with those souls you are drawn to throughout the centuries, your spirit will lighten and peace will begin to permeate your being more and more. You will develop more compassion and sensitivity for your brothers and sisters who are struggling with their own lives. You will begin to lead much simpler lives and you will become much more patient and gentle with yourself and others.

“Gentleness and simplicity are very powerful qualities to cultivate. They mark a clear passageway to the portals of Heaven. By heaven I mean the path of enlightenment. The field of dreams if you wish wherefore you can manifest your every hope and your every aspiration. This is important for you to realize in this time of great planetary realignment of this millennium. Every millennium offers its particular challenges, its particular, if you will, astrological vibrations. This is why you know certain advancements are particular to certain millenniums. Now there is much light being flooded forth upon the earth from the ascended masters of whom, after much struggle and many challenging incarnations, I am grateful to have made my ascension. I am now known as Kuthumi. Jesus is Lord Sananda. I am sure you are familiar with others.

“You are on the path to ascension as well. Just as there is the need to vocalize the feelings, the emotions, to move through the fields of experience, do not forget there is much to learn from the quiet, simple moments of appreciation of God’s wondrous gifts of nature. I was accused at times of being a heretic, a mystic and many choice words that I will not repeat for my intense love and appreciation for all life. This is a quality that you will all internalize upon making your own personal ascension. For the soul knows in the inner recesses of wisdom that all life is truly connected, and that it is shameful and wanton to harm life. Some do so out of amusement or sport. Others kill honoring the cycle of life such as the native people taught, teach and honor. This is respectable for life does feed upon life and sustain itself. Let me remind you that to pick a flower aimlessly without respect and appreciation of the beauty that is its nature, is to bring sadness upon the flower. As you know plants are very much alive. Your planet is teeming with life.

“If you can in the wee hours of the morning if you wake up and cannot sleep, try to be aware that your soul is beckoning you. For this is a calmer time. It is in the stillness that you are more apt to sense and hear your soul beckoning you. We know there are those who work, what is the word you use, third shift. Some people work, what is this called, the midnight grave shift. But if you find yourself awakening, know that some of you are being awakened at these early hours so you can realign with your true self and your true nature. The light beings are very happy to come to you any moment. They often visit you in dreams and other spiritual experiences such as reverie, flights of imagination and inspirational moments of creativity. For the light force is the inherent of the spark of God/goddess that dwells within your soul and no darkness can permanently extinguish this light. Be it a mere flicker, and you feel there is no hope, and you are overcome with despair, if you can but surrender just as Master Sananda said in his final hours of sorrow in Gethsemane, I give myself over to thee. If it be thy will, let this cup pass from me.

“I do not quote the exact words. I did not read the scriptures diligently as some of the friars would. I did have a fancy for intuitively recalling language I heard from others who would give forth the teachings. It is so important to internalize the truth behind words for words can mask true meanings. Words attempt to reveal. They also conceal much. Occasionally when you pray, I hope you do pray, there are very humorous expressions such as when all else fails, then pray, and it that does not work then eat chocolate. (laughter) Let me ask you when all else fails, what do you revert to? Anyway, you all have your particular vice or shall I say vices? I do not even wish to use the word vices in that sense. There is much more meaning in this word. I would wish to give you the word devices. What is a device? Phyllis, can you please give your thoughts on a device.

“I think a device is a way of planning to do something, or some tool to implement something.”

“A tool to plan or implement something. Very nice. Phyllis, do you know about your time with me?”

“I think so.”

“You were there. When all else fails, slow down. Go touch your beautiful statue of me and talk to me, and know that I always hear you. For you are going through some transitions.”

“The vice which I want to speak of, even your own quote vices are devices for which you are attempting to grow, and to outmaneuver your negative or lower self. The concepts of good and evil are far too black and white. I do not endorse violence. I do not say to allow some of the things to happen and transpire, but when one steps and walks and attempts to seek the path of oneness and follow the way back home, one will realize it is important to internalize the lessons of polarity. As you continue your journey to “wholeness” or “oneness” you learn to not judge oneself or others for your vices. This liberates your soul just a little bit more. Because the personality self is very prone to guilt attacks which it perceives blame from the greater self. The “greater self” would wish but that you embrace love and allow it to guide you.

“Put an “o” in the word vice and you have the word voice. Your vices are your voices as well. They are your teachers, and you have much to learn from them. Be not so quick to force yourself to repress or berate yourself for them. Let them teach you and learn from them. Ask your soul to help you learn from them and you can gently let them go when it is time. They serve their purpose and sometimes you need to buy a little time when the “going is tough” as the saying goes. Now do not misunderstand me. I am not advocating or encouraging that you wallow in your sorrows and frustrations by constant and continual drinking of the spirits, or eating three chocolate bars in a row, for example. I am saying that by God’s infinite love for you and his grace, you are allowed to indulge in a vice from time to time to help you during your times of challenge and transition. You must be the captain of your own ship and determine when an indulgence is becoming an addiction and then take the measures to get it under control.

“You are at a wondrous place in your journeys. You have come so far and made much progress. Be not so hard on yourselves or those you love and relate to. We want you to know how loved and special you are, each and every one of you. I speak for Blessed Mother Mary. I speak for Kuan Yin. I speak for the wondrous native peoples. I speak for every soul who has trodden the path of terra which as you know, can be most tumultuous and stormy. It is a golden opportunity for you to learn and to ultimately realize that in poverty there can be wealth. And in wealth there can be great poverty. I began as you know, or if you have read the books or seen the movie, the son of a wealthy cloth merchant. I was known as the master of revels. I wanted to be a great poet, and knight, what some of your young people would now call “a big party animal.” (laughter)

“So yes, I experienced that period of my life as I chose to do. As I slowly evolved and my path changed, my life took a new direction. For the soul ever prods you. You cannot escape the light and the voice of your soul. The more your vices grab and tug at you, the more we ask that you sup and give voice, and ask what is this meaning of this? What is there for me to learn? What is Brother smoke, Sister wine, etc. trying to show and teach me? As you know I named everything brother and sister. The plants, the air, the wind, the sea. There was brother wolf. In the story where I tamed the wolf supposedly, it was not I, although I took part. I would like to impart upon you the idea that even in those days I transmitted messages by a telepathic type of rapport that is known by animals.

“You are all capable of such experiences by developing and heightening your sensitivity. Prayer, contemplation, meditation, fasting, exercise, time in nature, and music are all good ways to help bring this about. You are able to remove yourself from the shackles of your third dimensional limitations and you can make contact with spirits and many beings of light. Once this happens the doors to the “Christ I am Great Self,” begin to open; then your heart chakra will flutter as lovely as angel wings. You will begin to feel an outpouring of great love and healing. And equally important will you be filled with compassion. As you come to understand yourself more, so will you come to understand your animal brothers and sisters. It is through understanding that I could look into the eyes of Brother Wolf and command that he behave himself so to speak. Some of you have skills with plants, with herbs, and with animals.

“You have come very far in your evolvement. If we were but to open the records of akasha and look at all the pages of your past journeys, we would see where we have been. Times of greater challenge. Times when lessons were not successfully met. We must realize that our beloved creator and our guides and teachers are ever patient. They eagerly awaiting each and all of our returns home. For the realm upon which the ascended masters dwell is but another mansion in the great house, such as the Bible says, “In my father’s house are many mansions.”

“When you are feeling low and down, as the song would say, try to praise yourself for the good things you have done. For the time you took to comfort a sad one. For the moment you reached into your pocket and gave a few coins to help someone get on the bus although they may have been your last coins. For it is truly in giving that we receive. Yes, as Brother Francis, I did choose to rely upon providence from day to day, and was tested many times. I did impose much severe discipline upon myself which I did not demand of my fellow brethren and friars. This was because I knew and believed to the depths of my heart that God would take care of me. If there were no food a particular day, then I would fast and welcome that experience as part of my growth as well.

“You each have great depths and capacities to exercise your personal faith in God, life and your destiny. I pray that you will exercise these abilities so they can become even stronger and more powerful and allow you to be of greater service to humanity and your fellow man and woman. Each time you reach out to another in loving service with a genuine desire to help, your aura expands and your soul light brightens. This will draw even more blessings your way and people will find themselves automatically drawn to you as well. There is something in extending acts of goodness and kindness that truly touches the soul. It awakens and warms the heart flame. God is able to realize himself just a little bit more when you extend your love to others. This gives Him great joy.

“Some of your prisons are even now bringing in seeing eye dog trainers to train some of the inmates. Through bonding with the animals many of the prisoners are experiencing tenderness of heart and soul which they did not even know existed within them. All are worthy of love and kindness. It is grand to give to others, but never forget to give and nurture yourself as well. It is difficult for some of you to receive, but nonetheless this is something that you each must learn and experience for your heart and soul to fully come to know itself in its wholeness and totality.

“I believe I have said enough for now so will take my leave. Speak my name anytime and know that I am nearby. Your loving, brother and fellow servant to God and you. Francis!



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