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Stand Outs in Nursing Resumes

Updated on December 13, 2014

Special proficiencies or skills are of note for any resume.

Certifications like medication dispensing moves a person up on the ladder towards the top of the list of candidates for interviews.
Certifications like medication dispensing moves a person up on the ladder towards the top of the list of candidates for interviews.
Newbies and veterans alike need to toot a horn when it comes to being special or possessing something unique.
Newbies and veterans alike need to toot a horn when it comes to being special or possessing something unique. | Source
Helping a previous employer solve an issue or improve a situation is revealed on a nursing resume as a plus.
Helping a previous employer solve an issue or improve a situation is revealed on a nursing resume as a plus. | Source

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Entry level nurses are capable of finding wonderful jobs with the right resume

Nursing is a field of work or industry which is booming. In fact, anyone investing in the training and education to work as a one is definitely making a sound career choice. In addition to the education and training investment a lot less than other healthcare fields of work, the pay is excellent for the outlay. An individual with the right expertise and knowledge has an abundance of vocations within the field to specialize in. Additionally, as a career grows the pay scale does as well. There are a multitude of benefits to be discovered within the nursing occupation.

Gaining a foothold in the door of the right workforce is important. Obtaining the right pay, hours, benefits and future advancement for an individual’s circumstances is the goal. The motivation is never missing, but the competition is sometimes fierce. This means an effort must be given to attracting the right type of attention to an applicant which makes them stand apart from the pack.

Getting work as a nurse in a coveted position takes some work. It starts with putting together a terrific resume presenting a prospective applicant in the best light. These are more than a few tips to help prepare a resume to knock the socks off of whoever reads it. Follow these to make the right things stand out as a focal point for the next employer.

Show value

Value is a notable trait. It is a must have for all resumes, not just in nursing. Simply being part of a workforce currently sought after does not mean avoid this step in the process. This is definitely part of the tactical plan of action for this document.

Any occurrences, expertise, skills, education and other resources which support this strategy are needed. Identify what is being brought to the company which makes this candidate more valuable than the next guy.

Outline goals, incentives, objectives and aspirations which coincide with the position and future of the employer. All of these things in line with a company vision increases the chances of getting offered the interview and show merit. They illustrate a better fit than others along with a return on a long term investment with an applicant.

Expert niche

Nearly every single nurse has an expert area of focus, similar to physicians in the healthcare field. Formulating a unit of expertise makes a resume more complete and the applicant more proficient. In order to demonstrate this knowledge, key in on material to support the fact. It appears more notable and gives a boost to significant areas of talent and know how. Examples are not only skills, but any unique education over and above the basics is extremely notable.

Areas such as medication management, OB-GYN or intensive care, pediatrics or a combination such as pediatric intensive care are assembled in this section.

For any entry level nurses missing this material or without a lot of hands on practice to brag about, emphasize other skill sets. Some are inspired to list work through volunteer programs. This is especially excellent for anyone holding positions of greater than normal responsibility for a specific calling.

Accreditations are for this area of the nursing resume. Even those which seem small or inconsequential go a long way in showing recognition within a specific niche.

Detail Experience

Any work performed where a person functioned in an authoritative role is saved for this area. Although most of these are listed in several different places throughout the nursing resume, there is room for more. Concentrate on how a particular professional set of skills is aligned with this position. Feature the capabilities possessed making this role and this resume ideal for one another.

Understanding and practice in a similar working environment is weighty and a central focal point for most employers. The less training a worker needs to increase proficiency, the better.

Entry level nurses are not without a plan when it comes to highlighting know-how. Even though it is limited or none to speak of, there is an answer. Simply focus attention on clinical work, any internship or other unpaid services accomplished. Devising a way to add details to the proficiency section is not as tricky as most people believe.

Concentrate on a project carried out from start to completion. Converge on the skills which match the requirements defined as needed.

With the field having a brighter than average outlook, countless people are looking into the trade. Professionals have the value of being able to locate anywhere in the country or even the world and the pay scale for workers is generous. Hours are flexible to fit nearly any schedule, benefits for healthcare and retirement is excellent and there is a short list of disadvantages. This means the field of eligible candidates for the excellent positions narrows. Make certain a resume looks good enough to make the short list by following these tips and techniques.

Craving or longing for a position and getting it are miles apart. Hard work and perseverance goes a long way in gaining an opening with a company which is popular or highly desired. Outlay the worth in hiring this applicant as a nurse to assure an interview or being offered the position over the next guy in line.

Jobs are exploding over the next several years in the nursing field

Education section

Build this section for optimal advantage. Arrange academic honors, fellowships and scholarships prominently. Even an impressive grade point average is favorable for helping new graduates lacking lots of experience.

Clinical rotations and licenses play a big part of this sections make up. Do not put an individual license number in the document. Though, any persons with licensing in more than one state improve standing by mentioning it.

Top of the Game

Constructing the right piece of work showing this resume is at the top of the “must have” pile is how to move on to the next stage of getting hired. Putting the icing on the cake or

Examples to show why you are at the top while others are behind you include; boards you have served on, training other staff, pass an accreditation or helping to launch new systems or practices within a business.

Strong nursing skills or professional contact with patients or families goes a long way with lots of business entities. Licensing in more than one state is also a plus.

How where you beneficial or help previous employers? Did you devise a new way to dispense medication which saved the company money? How about reorganizing schedules or other work related activities to save a business in other valuable ways? Even being part of a group or committee which concocted something new and improved helps an individual cause and is worth noting.

An invitation to serve on a board or professionals in the field with more authority asking for personal input is an honor to share.

Returning to Nursing

For anyone coming back to the industry after time away, piece together a resume focusing on nursing only. Avoid any job worked outside of the nursing field which does not build a better experience or background related to the area of nursing.

One unique way to handle this is cut the form into two pieces. Call one section nursing experience while calling the other addition work experience. Designing it in this manner let’s all of the same knowledge and proficiency to stay together in one area of the form.

Career changes

Lots of nurses change careers over a lifetime or working lots of years. Arrange to show this in a positive light. Compose it using a functional resume document format.

Altering the direction of a professional career happens for various reasons. Spending time building a family or nursing a sick parent through an illness is an instance of note.

Functioning resumes play up training and skills while downplaying a work history with large time lapses which helps in these circumstances.

In conclusion

The Department of Labor shows a better than normal growth in jobs for nurses in the next couple of years. This is great news for workers. Employers are willing to recruit, train and hire more and more as an investment for future staffing.

Growth in this particular trade shows terrific R.N and L.P.N. salaries and opportunities to increase those earnings and benefits throughout a career. A foot in the door of a dream nursing job begins with devising a wonderful resume. Take these methods and build it.

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