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State of North Carolina - Pottery and History Curriculum Lesson for Homeschooling or Summer Enrichment

Updated on March 2, 2014
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How to Use this Lesson

Join us as we learn a little about North Carolina. In this fun lesson, you and your child can learn facts about the state and make a pottery project related to what you’ve learned.

You can use this lesson as-is, and it will be a quick afternoon activity, or you can take it further. Check about a biography from the library about Richard Petty. Build a model airplane and talk about the Wright Brothers. Watch an episode of the Andy Griffith show. However you use this lesson, make learning fun and exciting.

North Carolina's State Flag

North Carolina State Facts

State Abbreviation: NC

Capital: Raleigh

State Nickname: Tar Heel State

State Motto: “Esse Quam Videri” (To Be Rather Than to Seem)


State Abbreviation: NC

Capital: Raleigh

State Nickname: Tar Heel State

State Motto: “Esse Quam Videri” (To Be Rather Than to Seem)

State Song: “The Old North State”

State Bird: Cardinal

State Tree: Longleaf Pine

State Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle

State Animal: Gray Squirrel

Lighthouse Bay, Sound, NC

Famous People Born in North Carolina

Braxton Bragg, soldier

David Brinkley, TV newscaster

James B. Duke, industrialist

Billy Graham, evangelist

Andrew Johnson, 17th US President

James Polk, 11th US President

Richard Petty, racecar driver

Soupy Sales, comedian

Randy Travis, musician

Fun Facts about North Carolina

Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County is the highest waterfall in the eastern United States.

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is the oldest State University in the United States.

The University of North Carolina's mascot, the Tarheels, is a nickname for North Carolinians that supposedly came from the days when NC produced a lot of tar, and someone saw a set of footprints made by someone who had stepped in the tar.

North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation.

The Venus Fly-Trap is native to Hampstead.

The Biltmore Estate in Ashville is America's largest home, and includes a 255-room chateau, an award-winning winery and extensive gardens.

Babe Ruth hit his first home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914.

Pepsi was invented and first served in New Bern in 1898.

Krispy Kreme Doughnut was founded in Winston-Salem.

In 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first successful powered flight by man at Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk.

For North Carolina, we're going to sculpt a jet plane. (Yes, I know the Wright Brothers did not fly a jet, but their invention led to jets and jets are more fun!)

Start with a chunk of clay and break it in half.

Roll one half into a thick snake.

It should be sort of flat, like this.

With wet fingers, pinch one end to be the tail fin.

With wet fingers, shape the front to be the "nose."

Roll the other half of the clay into a thick snake.

Cut the snake in half.

Flatten each half to make wings.

Attach the wings. (Make sure you scratch and wet.)

Use a skewer to draw windows and doors. You can also name your plane.

Let's fly!


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