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Step By Step Guide On Constructing A Tree House

Updated on November 11, 2012
Tree House built by my friend
Tree House built by my friend

Constructing a Tree House

Tree house is the perfect place for both adults and children to have fun. It is also the best place for nature lovers, who wish to stay close to the natural environment. It also gives us peace of mind that promotes to our creativity. If you are planning to construct a tree house for your children, make sure that it is constructed close to the ground. Tree house plans are now available in different shapes and sizes. Listed below are a few steps to follow while constructing your tree house.

Necessary Steps to Build a Tree House

Step 1: First you have to consult with your local authorities and make sure that there is no restriction in the construction of a tree house in that area.

Step 2: Choose a mature, healthy, strong and safe tree for constructing the tree house. The tree you select should have thick branches capable of supporting weight. Then you have to decide a place within it for your tree house.

It’s up to you whether your tree house has to be out of sight or noticeable. Take special care that its placement doesn’t disturb anybody around it.

Step 3: Take the measurements of the tree and draw a model of your tree house on a paper, considering the measurements. You can also make a structure of it using cardboard.

If you don’t find one particular tree for this purpose you can plan to build it on several trees that grow close to each other. The tree house can be constructed by sinking two or more posts in the ground.

Step 4: The main element of a tree house is its platform. It provides a safe base to the structure to be constructed over it. To provide it additional strength, the platform should be constructed close to the trunk with crosswise bracing. But make sure, you don’t damage the tree. It is better to use ropes instead of nails for lashing.

Don’t make too tight knots on the barks of the tree using the ropes. The platform should be levelled properly and it should be balanced correctly so that swaying is avoided.

Step 5: The next step is to create a railing. It can be done by adding boards around the edges of the platform.

Step 6: Now its time to build the roof. It can be made by attaching a plastic tarpaulin to a trunk of the tree and then angling it to the far side of the railing.

Step 7: Construct a rope ladder or make steps using boards so that you can climb to your tree house.

These steps would help you prepare a wonderful tree house. Always keep in mind that the tree house should be light weight and not to cut down too much of branches during its preparation. This will cause damage to the tree thereby affecting your tree house itself. So try to construct the tree house in such a manner that doesn’t affect the natural growth and movement of the tree.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Tree houses are really fun giving . Try building a nice one with the ideas in the hub. Thanks for commenting

    • Armchair Builder profile image

      Michael Luckado 5 years ago from Hawaii

      That's a great looking tree house! I remember building these as a kid...probably nothing that nice however!