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Steps to write an essay

Updated on August 9, 2016

It's that time again, school is starting. You have the fresh scent of a new school year that everyone knows, created by new clothes, backpacks, and supplies. There's also one other thing you can be sure of and that's school work. Schoolwork can be so overwhelming but regular homework cannot compare to the fears and stress that's endured when it comes to writing an essay.

Essays come in all shapes and sizes whether it's just a book report or a midterm that's worth half your semester grade it still can be unnerving. Here is five steps on how to get past the hurdle of writing the dreaded essay.

Step one: Pick a topic!
Depending on how your teacher or professor has it set up picking a topic could be fairly easy or a task in it self. Sometimes a topic will be selected for you, or a genre will be set (ie. Renaissance art.) But most of the time you'll be on your own. If this is the case the biggest advice anyone could tell you is write something your passionate about, trust me words will just pour on to the paper and it will be more fun to do the research on the subject.

Step two: Do the research!
In today's culture it is very easy for someone to Google an essay and have someone else's work on the screen. Google could help with bringing online encyclopedias and notes from museums. There's also many other resources you could tap into and that's called going to the library. By chance the topic of an event that someone you know was a part of ( ie. Vietnam war. ) Then for a unique point of view for your essay have a list of questions for the one who lived it.

Step three: Get somewhere you can think!

Although my favorite place to do research is in the comfort of my home, there's a lot of distractions. For instance T.v., siblings/roommates, and the list can go on. Many people go do their work in their free time at Starbucks, but that too depending on customers or events can be a little to distracting. This takes me back to the library, think about it people are supposed to be quiet, they're going to have literature to do research and they also have computers, ( there might be a time limit depending on the library.)

Step four: Don't try to get it done in a day.

We've all heard "all work and no play make jack a dull boy". Which may be but also trying to get it all done in a short period of time will cause you to rush, not to put certain thought into areas and will cause you to stress the hell out. There's another quote that says "Rome wasn't built in a day". Neither was a good well thought out, we'll placed essay.

Step five: Don't procrastinate!

Don't get confused by what I wrote on number four and five. While it's good to chip off little by little on this big task on hand, waiting until it's due in a week or two is going to guarantee that you will fail most time to do proper research will haunt you as the due date dawns in the distance. You'll end up Googling things, slap together a few quotes the topic of your paper said and hand in a paper that might be somebody else's work. So as comfortable as it is to watch cartoons all day as your friends are chipping away will come and bite you on the backside so endure the task now instead of being hit with an academic freight train.


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