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Interesting Stone age site at Gangavathi

Updated on August 26, 2013
Stone age tombs Gangavathi in Bellary district
Stone age tombs Gangavathi in Bellary district

Interesting stone age site

Gangavathi taluk in Koppala district of Karnataka State has hills by name Chikkabenakal betta(in Kannada language - betta means hill). A stone age period site is found in these hills. Distance is just 3km from the nearby village.

After climbing the hill, on entering the stone age village, one will be reminded of history books related to the stone age period. Vast area with Mesolithic or mid stone age period relics are found all over the place. The culture and civilization of the people who lived there could be guessed by having a look at the site.

Status of the site after human abandonment
Status of the site after human abandonment
A view of the stonage site
A view of the stonage site

Morera plates...?

The hills have huge rocks and boulders all over the place. At one corner, there is a small lake with water in it. Beside the lake, there are hundreds of huts with walls and flooring, all cut out of stones lying around and built using them.There is a round shaped passage cut for human entry into these huts. They do not have doors on any side. Pieces of stone lie all around these huts. There is no sign of any human beings living in the village.

People residing in the nearby villages of this hill call these ancient historical pieces as Morera plates, Morera huts or Morera tombs.

So far no attempts have been made to find out more about them. There are no proper roads that lead to this place.

Curved passage in the hut for human entry
Curved passage in the hut for human entry

Stone hut constuction

Most of the stone huts are of 2-8 feet height. The support for these huts are provided by the huge rectangular shaped stone walls. And the roof is just a huge circular stone plate covered over it. The name Morera plates is given just because of their resemblance to round shaped dinner plates. But until now no one knows why the name Morera has been given to these plates.

There is also a chance of people using this place as a burial ground at one time. And these constructions might be just tombs built in memory of their nearest and dearest people. The residents of nearby town, believe that this site may be of archaeological value.

Tourists visiting the uninhabited village
Tourists visiting the uninhabited village

A lecturer's comment

According to the history lecturer of Gangavathi University College, Mr. Sharanabasappa Kolkar, it is a stone age period site. And the nearby lakewith water stood as a proof for human beings dwelling on these hills, during that period.

The entrance with small curved passage cut in them shows only humans could enter into them.These small passages avoided wild animals from entering their homes directly.The shapes of these huts and the way in which they have been built shows thatthey are thousands of years old.

small  lake that quenched the thirst of stonage people
small lake that quenched the thirst of stonage people

Protection to the stone age site

At one time, there were more than 600 stone huts in this area. But now they have been reduced to just 60-70. The reason behind this is the craziness of the treasurehunters who came there from time to time. Treasure hunters destroyed most of the huts, thinking there were chests of gold buried beneath them.

At this place, road construction is very much necessary to connect the hill with nearby villages. Tourists coming to see this site will have no problems to reach this spot if a road is constructed. Also protection is to be given by the State government, to this site so as to avoid further destruction of these historical remainings.



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    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 5 years ago from India

      Valerie... Gangavathi is very close to another big historical site, Hampi. Hampi,is nothing but the remains of the fort built during the Vijayanagar rulers, a well known UNESCO World Heritage site. It is 14 km from the Gangavathi town. But people who went there told me that the road conditions were not so good. When you travel to the stonage site, it is better to take someone who knows this place very well. I suggest people to go in groups, instead of going alone.

      Gangavathi is a place with lot of paddy fields and hilly area around. People who have got used to long distance walking will have no problem going to these hills, from Gangavathi.

    • Craig Suits profile image

      Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida

      Interesting hub Vive, It's informative to think about how people lived way back when as opposed to today's lifestyles. I guess they spent most of there time looking for food, building houses, and looking out they didn't get eaten themselves...Good hub..

    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 7 years ago from India

      Nice to hear that from you.

      By the way, Bangaluru has now become a clean city free from sound and other pollutions. It is developing rapidly. Soon, we will also have a metro train there.

    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      Thank you Vivek for the details, this is going to be my next traveling area in my next visit to Bangaluru due in August.Thanks a lot.

    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 7 years ago from India

      Hi, dreamreachout. Thank you for the comment. The distance between Bangalore and Gangavathi is 368km. But the temperaure is more hot when compared to Bangalore during summer. November or December is the best time to visit that place.

    • valeriebelew profile image

      valeriebelew 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      Very interesting, VK, I wish I could go there and see these historical huts. Can you imagine what you might see there? Thanks for another educational hub that leaves me knowing something new. (: v

    • profile image

      dreamreachout 7 years ago

      Wonderful historical hub!! How far is it from Bangalore and whats the route?