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Stop Poop Now! How to help people pick up after their dogs, stress free!

Updated on June 29, 2011

Dog poop scooping station

Poop problem solved! Until bags last
Poop problem solved! Until bags last

Providing instructions and means!

Easy to pull, refillable bags
Easy to pull, refillable bags
Easy to read instructions on the side
Easy to read instructions on the side

Pet waste is a big issue!

If you have ever lived in a residential community, where dogs are allowed, you will recognize the problem - every day there are dogs being walked around, and sometimes people "forget" to pick up after them!

No amount of scary signs or education will make them change their mind - it's simply not convenient! So the community continues to enjoy beautifully mowed lawns with... dog turds in the middle of that!

If you add kids into the equation, the problem becomes even more obvious. Have you seen your kid poke a stick into a dog turd and threaten his sister with that? No??? Well, I did that as a kid, because poop was all over the place! Plus my sister annoyed me a lot and had that coming to her :)

The solution

I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw this little contraption. It is a Fido house, an all-in-one pet care station. It provides easy to read instructions and disposable bags. The community has a few of them, strategically positioned around the property.

What do you see in the image? It is a host of innovations! The usually RED warning sign is green and blends in nicely with the surroundings. It still has scary words like "transmits disease", but also a useful icon showing a person picking up after a dog.

The whole contraption itself is blending in nicely and is not an eyesore. The perforated waste bin does not seem to emit smell.

Recently I noticed a pile of poop within 30 feet of one of these, of course I started to blame "obnoxious dog owners", and even decided to pick up the dropping myself. Sure enough, the Fido station was out of bags, and this is why that thing was left laying around. This shows just how much people are reliant on this to keep their neighbourhood clean!


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