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Storytime: I Got Stung By A Scorpion

Updated on June 19, 2017

How I Got Stung

I was once a nanny living in Phoenix Arizona. I took care of three little boys and one morning I was doing my daily cleaning after the kids went off to school. I was upstairs picking up towels and clothes that the kids had left behind. Well there was a hand towel that one of them had dropped on the floor from the linen closet. It was still partially folded so therefore I knew it was clean and I went to pick it up to put it back into the closet but when I picked this towel up, I felt a strong prick on my right pinky finger. I quickly snatch my finger from the towel and I saw the Scorpion hit the floor. I went one way and the Scorpion with another. I ran downstairs away from it and then something told me that I had to kill it or it was going to sting somebody else. So I ran back upstairs and he was still laying there, not moving. The scorpion was playing dead. I stepped on him as hard as I could and when I pulled my foot back, his tail was going around and around trying to sting again. I stepped on him again and he was dead. I ran to the phone and quickly called my mother who was in Mississippi. I screamed through the phone, "Mama I just got stung by scorpion!"

"What?!" She said.

"Yes I'm so scared what do I do?!"

"Call the police! Call the ambulance! Call 911!" She yelled.

I'm on the phone with my mother and the pain from the scorpion sting is slowly going away, but I feel numbness crawling up my arm, all the way up to my elbow and it was a weird numbness. It's one that I had never felt before, but from my pinky finger all the way up to the back side my elbow was completely numb. So I had to calm myself down, because I knew my mother was about to have a heart attack. In Mississippi, we don't know anything about scorpions, besides what we've seen on the Discovery channel and those scorpions killed folks. I remembered I had watched a news segment a couple of nights before and they said that there were no deadly scorpions in that particular area of Arizona, so it eased my mind a little. I had to quickly hang up from my mom so that I could call Poison Control because that's also what the news segment said to do. I talked with Poison Control and they informed me after I described what the scorpion looked like, that indeed there were no deadly scorpions in my area of Arizona. They also told me to drink some milk to offset the poison and to just wait for it to pass through my system and to take Tylenol if there was any pain.

After The Sting

After I calmed down and realised what was happening, the puncture site didn't hurt anymore, it was just the numbness in the bottom part of my arm. I lost feeling on the bottom side of my arm for that whole day. After about 2 days the numbness in my arm subsided and my pinky finger to my wrist was numb for almost a week. After that there was no more numbness, but that was not my last encounter with scorpions. They had invaded the home and basically they were everywhere.

It Was An Infestation

It was like an infestation of roaches only these were scorpions and they were just roaming freely. They would show up around once a week.

I was sitting in my room folding clothes watching TV and after I got through folding a load of laundry I got up to get another load out of the dryer. When I came back into my room I noticed the Scorpion sitting on the ceiling right where I was sitting on my bed. I was still shaken up from seeing the last scorpion, so when I saw him I freaked out. So I had to be meticulous about how I was going to get him off of the ceiling in order to kill him. So I clear everything from underneath, like the basket of laundry and things off of my bed so that I could see him when he fell. So I took a broom and knocked it off of the ceiling, it hit the floor and I quickly stepped on it and threw it in the trash. So now I'm really freaked out, there was a scorpion in my bedroom.

There was another time the kids found one and this was so funny but scary at the same time. The kids were in the kitchen getting ready for school, they had ate their breakfast and was about to leave. The youngest boy grabbed his backpack off of the floor and put it on his back and as they were on their way out the door one of the kids yelled, "You got a scorpion on your backpack!" And everybody screamed. He quickly threw the bag on the floor and the scorpion started running! The oldest boy quickly killed it.

The next time I saw another scorpion in that same house was when my boss's family came to visit from out of town, we had a movie night and I get up from the couch and go into my room to get ready for bed. There's a scorpion on my wall just posted up. It scared the crap outta me. It was huge! That's when I knew for sure that we had an infestation of scorpions. I couldn't bring myself to kill it, he was just too big. So I enlisted my boss's sister to kill it. And she just took her shoe off and put it up against the wall really really hard and wouldn't let go until she knew he was dead. It was really tough to go to sleep that night.

Later on when the house was getting remodeled, a couple of the contractors had gotten stung as well. They had happened upon a nest of them on the roof. We already had pest control come out to spray once a month, but it still didn't help the infestation problem. The family was still finding them in their shower every now and then. A couple of the kids got stung by them too. This happened in 2007 and still to this day they are still having problems with those scorpions. I no longer live there and I never want to go through a scorpion infestation ever again. There are people who have lived their whole lives in Arizona and have never came across a scorpion.

Keep Your Home From Getting Infested With Scorpions

If you feel that you do have a scorpion infestation in your home right now or you just want to prevent this from ever happening to you, here are some tips to get them 2 pack their bags and move on out.

- Remove all standing wood away from your house. Get rid of it. It is a breeding ground for Scorpions. They love wood and cool dark places.

-Spray not only inside your house but outside and along fences and flower beds as well.

-Seal your home. If there are gaps in the base boards glue them up. Windows and doors should be free from gaps. Fill them with weather strippings and tape up unused electrical sockets.

- Remove their water sources. A lot of scorpions will be found in the showers or tubs, because they are in search of water. I suggest spraying down the shower once you get out with maybe a bleach spray or your natural tub cleaner to prevent them from getting clean water with the hope that they will leave your home in search of water somewhere else. Turn off any leaky faucets that are outside as well. Protect your pool by spraying along the side of the pool to keep them from using that as a water source.

-By spraying the inside of your house and then the next day spraying the outside of your house can prevent them from coming back once the spray becomes less lethal.

- Instead of paying the Orkin Man for their watered down product, go to your local garden store or chemical store and purchase a multi gallon sprayer and concentrated repellent and spray your home yourself once a month or as much as you see fit. There is no 100 percent way of removing scorpions from your home but this can help.

Below are some items that you can purchase right from to help with any scorpion issues.


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