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Strange Bigfoot Stories of the Past

Updated on April 7, 2014

Bigfoot and Sasquatch encounters imagined or real, only someone who has experienced them knows for sure. Strange Bigfoot Encounters tells of three different stories that appear so fantastic that they stretch the bounds of believability. One such story was told by a young Indian girl.

Bigfoot on the prowl
Bigfoot on the prowl | Source

Seraphine Long Abducted

In 1871 near Harrison Lake, in British Columbia it was reported that a 17 year old Indian girl named Seraphine Long was snatched against her will and forcibly carried off by a young male Bigfoot. For several miles she was impelled into the darkness of the forest. Scared and confused she was led by her captor across the Harrison River to a remote part of the wilderness. There, near a small rock shelter, her journey finally ended. In the shelter, to her dismay, she found herself in the presence of two older and larger Bigfoot, one male, and one female---apparently her younger abductor was their offspring. Terrified her mind filled with dreadful thoughts of becoming the unwilling captive of this fearsome Bigfoot family.

She claimed, upon her return, that she had been held prisoner for a period of 1 year but then the story becomes unclear and we are left with two possible endings: one says the reason she was returned was that she “aggravated” the creatures so much that they let her return to her tribal home while the other claims that she became ill and was allowed to leave. This same ending also claims that when she returned she was found to be pregnant with a Bigfoot baby which died a few days after being born.

How this incredulous story ends depends upon which version of the fate of young Seraphine you feel most comfortable with, if any?

Did Seraphine Long suffer the fate she claimed? Who knows, but Indian lore does speak of Bigfoot or Sasquatch snatching crying children “from under the walls of teepees.”

Nootka Indian
Nootka Indian | Source

The Strange Case of Muchalat Harry

Not only children have been the unwilling victims of Bigfoot or Sasquatch as we shall see when reading the tale of the strange case of Muchalat Harry.

The Nuuchahnulth or Nootka Indian tribes were whale hunting Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada living on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Muchalat Harry, a seasoned trapper who frequently spent long periods of time alone in the deep woods decided once again to venture into the British Columbian wilderness for several months of trapping. It was the fall of 1928 when Harry packed his supplies and paddled his canoe up to the mouth of the Conuma River and after making his way on foot about 12 miles upstream Harry made camp.

Harry was enjoying his excursion and slept dreaming peacefully at night waking refreshed and eager for whatever the next day would bring. But on one certain night no dream or premonition could have foretold the strange occurrence that befell him. Asleep by the campfire cozily wrapped in blankets, for it was the fall season, he felt his body being jostled, lifted, and shaken. His eyes opened in confusion. As he became aware of what was happening he was gripped by the sudden fear of the experience. He felt his body being picked up and carried away by a very large creature. Now Harry was strong and tough but try as he may he could not struggle his way free. As he tried to break the hold of the unusually strong arms that held him he saw the creatures face and realized his kidnapper was a very large Sasquatch.

He was not taken very far, probably about 2 or 3 miles and with first light, Harry found himself in what appeared to be a Sasquatch camp and he was the center of attraction. Being surrounded by some 20-odd creatures of all shapes and sizes, male and female alike, they stood starring at him as if to study him.

Harry was scared! This rugged mountain man was terrified! Cautiously Harry moved his eyes glancing around the campsite looking for anything that he might be able to use as protection. All he saw was a large number of bones scattered about the grounds, bones no doubt, left over from who or whatever had been eaten some time before. Harry knew that his bones would soon join them.

Curiously a Sasquatch moved toward Harry and tugged at the woolen underwear that he had worn to sleep the night of the incident. Others also stepped forward and grabbed at this strange thing that surrounded Harry’s body still unaware of what it was but they did not harm him they just continued to stare.

At one point during the day the creatures seemed to lose interest in Harry. They disassembled and went about their daily business. Harry searching for a means of escape quickly seized the opportunity and without looking back jumped up and ran as fast as he could barefoot through the woods. He ran for his life, past his campsite, straight to where his canoe was anchored 12 miles away at the mouth of the Conuma River and headed back to Vancouver Island.

About 3 a.m. on the following morning, Father Anthony, a Catholic missionary living at the time in the Nootka village, heard and was awakened along with other villagers by the screaming and yelling of a voice crying out from the waters near the village. Torches were lit and through the flickering light could be seen a torn and shattered man lying in his canoe. He was barefoot, cold, wet, and exhausted having paddled 45 miles non-stop from the mouth of the Conuma River. His almost lifeless body was carried to a safe warm place in the village and Harry was nursed back to health.

Three weeks had passed before Harry regained his sanity and was well enough to explain what had happened but he refused to tell anyone of his experience. Little bits of information had emerged during that time but not enough to piece together the full story. Feeling close to Father Anthony he later confided in him and revealed the details of what he had gone through. Oh yes, one more thing, over the three week period Harry’s hair had turned pure white.

Muchalat Harry never went back to retrieve his belongings at his campsite and Muchalat Harry never went back to the river or into the woods again.

The Old Man of the Crater
The Old Man of the Crater | Source

The Old Man of the Crater

In this final tale what or who was it that Edward Sturgis Ingraham (1852 -- 1926) “spoke” to that night while exploring deep in the steam-caves of Mount Rainier.

In 1895 the well respected explorer, mountaineer, and author E.S. Ingraham returned to Mount Rainer with a companion to once again explore the crater that so fascinated him. While descending into the steam-caves of the crater Ingraham became aware of strange marks on the floor of the cave. They resembled scratches. In some places they were so profound that they looked as though there might have been a struggle or battle between two very angry creatures.

His curiosity roused he looked about in search of other markings in other places. Ingraham noticed that close by, in the earth below him, were depressions which he thought could have come from the pawing of some flat-footed creature.

As they descended lower into the cave the frequency of the scratches increased but their intensity did not follow suit. He became aware of an odd sensation as if his body had received a slight electrical charge and wondered if the same phenomena had befallen his companion. Not mentioning anything about his experience or his heightened sense of curiosity he suggested to his companion that they return to their campsite. Ingraham had decided to return to the cave later that evening, alone.

Later that evening Edward Ingraham arose and quietly slipped out to venture once more into the crater. His heart pounding with the anticipation of what lay ahead negated his feelings of foreboding as he made his way to the mouth of the crater and began his decent. The cold night air was soon replaced by the warmth of the steam-cave which reinvigorated his sleepy body and made his tired senses more alert. Edward pushed forward. As he stepped deeper into the darkness he noticed a faint glow that lighted his way, it seemed to beckon him into whatever fate awaited him.

He felt as if he was being guided by the influence of a force that distinctly enhanced his knowledge of this unfamiliar environment so much so that he felt confident his footsteps would not betray him. As he moved forward he reached a fork where two avenues of passage lay open before him. At this point a noise sounding like stones rolling down one of the passage ways caused his senses to jump. Quickly stepping into a recess in the wall of the cave he hid waiting to see what would happen next.

It wasn’t long before the growing sound of something rolling, something crawling, alerted Ingraham while his body tensed in fearful expectation. Then, within a few feet of Ingraham an unusual and grotesque creature tumbled into view. As Ingraham watched the still stumbling creature he noticed the form of it. It was covered with hair but appeared more human than animal-like, and the crown of the head was pointed and bristled with hair sprouting outward in all directions. He also observed the hands and feet discovering that the palms and soles were hard and calloused each with long pointed nails that seemed to shine like polished steel. He realized that while this mysterious creature’s form resembled that of a human being there was no indication that it had been a human at any time in the past and possibly that it's line of descent may have been from a separate species.

As the creature began to regain it’s temperament after it’s rather singular appearance it began vigorously rubbing it’s hands together causing by degree, an uncanny glow to gradually engulf it’s entire body while the most potent centers of which appeared to be the tips of the pointed nails, the eyes, and the crown of the head. It then raised itself and as if dancing to some imagined melody began rapidly rubbing both feet upon the cave floor. This action seemed to rejuvenate the creature having the effect of increasing the radiance of the glow that surrounded the creature’s body while also producing a more pronounced potency at the centers of illumination.

Involuntarily Ingraham began to mimic the creature’s movements and as he did so an odd feeling of fellowship fell upon him. It was at this time that Ingraham’s unusual companion first noticed that he was not alone. His reaction to the presence of Ingraham was to repeat his former movements and after having done so, to extend his fingers in Ingraham’s direction emitting flashing sparks of light that pulsed from the tips of his long pointed fingernails.

Ingraham was amazed as he mimicked the movements the creature had made. His similar actions seemed to produce a like effect but nowhere as powerful as that of the Old Man of the Crater. It was like magic to him! He could see a point of light slowly but brightly forming atop the crown of the unusual creature’s head. He felt the top of his own head and he could feel his hair bristling upward and then as if to connect them together an arch of light appeared between them, an eerie radiant force joining them, both Ingraham and this alien being, in complete communication!

Two races otherwise unknown to each other were now afforded an opportunity to relate to each other. He did not know how but for near one hour Ingraham received impressions within his mind. Impressions of strange tales of another race, the Old Man of the Crater’s race, living within the inner earth, of the customs and upheavals that changed the earth of long past and of a catastrophe that befell the earth destroying all save two and how the two adapted to the new order of things and gave birth to a new race from which he had come. Ingraham called this race the Sub-Rainians.

I did not understand how the creature sensed my doubt and disbelief but I felt a strong impression, rather a command, to follow him deep into the inner earth. When he turned to descend into the darkness I gathered my thoughts and with all my power broke free from the spell and without looking back quickly made my way upward to the surface and the safety of my campsite.

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