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Strange Sounds in the Sky-Theories on the Earths Recent Unexplained Booms, Tonal and Metallic Soundscapes

Updated on February 2, 2016
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YouTuber, composer, digital artist, homemaker and writer specializing in the topic of Simple Vintage Homemaking.

Strange Sounds in the Sky-Theories on the Earths Recent Unexplained Booms, Tonal and Metallic Soundscapes
Strange Sounds in the Sky-Theories on the Earths Recent Unexplained Booms, Tonal and Metallic Soundscapes | Source

Article by Rain San Martin

Beginning in 2011, there have been numerous strange reports of booms, metallic grinding and discordant tones coming from the Earths atmosphere. We'll look into possible scientific causes, examine melodic tones and eliminate fraudulent evidence.

My Personal Observations of These Mysterious Sounds as a Musician

Being a composer I am familiar with virtual instrument sound libraries and have basic music theory understanding. A sound designer "could" theoretically create a similar soundscape using virtual instruments found in Evolve, Absynth or other sound patch library. As of this writing there appears to be no evidence that a film or sound library sample was used in the 2011 Kiev, Russia video recording. There are however hoax YouTube video's claiming to have filmed "strange sounds in the sky". The video Strange Sounds from the Earth and Sky totally debunked, does a great job uncovering how the infamous Kiev video has had it's audio duplicated, reappearing on many copycat videos. Fraudulent videos can easily be identified if you listen for the same ambient background noises.

In my observations of the seemingly authentic YouTube videos, I hear the kind of soundscapes that would be used in a dark science fiction film. Unsettling tones which are followed by a harsh metallic scraping sound. Some tones are a deep base which vibrate the earth.

Is this sound coming from the Earths depths or the Earths atmosphere? Some cases have been dismissed as the surrounding area had a 1.5 Earthquake. Having lived in Southern California for 20 years I can attest that a 1.5 to 2.0 earthquake would possibly be felt, yet certainly not heard.

Are these the Trumpets in the Sky as described in the Book of Revelations? My observation is that they have a sinister characteristic rather than the majestic quality of a trumpet. These are deranged tuba sounds. My honest first impression was that a portal was opening up, based on the sound alone!

The Research of Linda Moulton Howe - Could There Be a Polar Shift?

Investigator and reporter, Linda Moulton Howe of discloses some of her research on the Josh Tolley show, Whistle-blower: There Is Something Wrong With Earth's Core! (2015).

She noted that there have been strange and multiple reported media events worldwide beginning in Europe 2011. Witnesses have described the sounds as metallic scraping with a likeness to trains crashing into one another, or the sound of a road grater pushing a blade on metal. What about obvious explanations? In Linda's research she discovered there were no planes breaking sound barriers, no evidence of fracking, and extremely minimal seismic activity at most.

One man reported to Linda that when he heard the familiar eery trumpet / metallic sound it was followed by a black triangle from horizon to horizon! This leads me to my next question. Can frequencies open portals, leaving open a gateway to fallen spirits?

Geophysicists are studying the relationship between the changing core and it's relationship to sound as they are picked up on instruments. Infrasound is being generated inside of the earth, going through the mantel, out into the ionosphere and bouncing back to the Earth. This may be related to a collapse in the earths surface and an increase in Earthquake activity at later points in time. Birds have been falling out of the sky, around the same time loud booms have been heard. Could this phenomenon be associated with sink holes and more frighteningly the shifting of the Earths polls?

Large solar flares interact with the Earths Magnetosphere, possibly creating deep tonal sounds
Large solar flares interact with the Earths Magnetosphere, possibly creating deep tonal sounds | Source

Could the Cause of These Strange Sounds be Solar Flares?

According to the article, "Strange Sounds in the Sky Explained by Scientists", the infrasound could be do to the shifting of magnetic poles. The magnetic field is weakening, and the Earths poles shift every 786,000 years. We may be due. These create low frequency acoustic gravity waves. Natural occurrences within the earths geological cycle including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and storms create these acoustic sounds, though usually far below the audible range. This dramatic increase in audible infrasound may be generated primarily by the suns sudden burst of solar activity. When a flare occurs its rays collide with the Earth's surface and an audible sound is heard:

"In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth's surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity."

Original Strange Sounds in the Sky Kiev Russia Video 2011

Compilation of Strange Sounds in the Sky 2012

Note and Chord Analysis from the Strange Sounds Around the World

The epic Tripod Sounds from War of the Worlds can not be ignored as it has been compared with today's strange sounds from around the world. I've tested the note sequence (A, C, C#) and audio quality back to back with the Kiev video. My analysis is the recordings are independent.

Using the video, Strange sounds heard from sky worldwide, a composite of various clips, I've identified the primary notes. I welcome you to build upon this data for your research using the table below. For the investigation, I have skipped the clips suspected of hoax duplicates or exceptionally poor audio quality.

Before you test for authentic videos you may wish to pull out a guitar or keyboard and run the following audio test: The most duplicated infamous hoax clip contains the following notes: C, A (high note), C, A, C, F, Ab (base note). Played over the span of two octaves. The original video may however be authentic and can be used in the research of this investigation. The original file is found here: Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11. Опять странный звук в Киеве 11.08.11

One individual created an eerie composite from the "sounds from around the world", turning it into a song. Is this some sort of war song? It's also noteworthy that a number of commentators have claimed to have heard the same otherworldly sounds.

Note and Chord Analysis from the Strange Sounds Around the World

Source Video and Time Introduced
Notes / Chords identified
Sound Characteristics
Video One: Original Strange Sounds in the Sky Kiev Russia Video 2011. Two minutes 20 second mark
This is the infamous Kiev, Russia clip which was copied the most: (Chord: F Major with added Ab) : C, A (high note), C, A, C, F, Ab (base note). Later a dark C# is added to the sequence. Played over the span of two octives
Deep horn, whale cry like, metallic scrapes
Video Two: Compilation of Strange Sounds in the Sky 2012: One minute and 20 seconds mark
5th chord G (extreme low note), Next Chord: D (low note), A, D (high note)
Sounds like someone is being beamed up into a star ship
Video Three: Compilation of Strange Sounds in the Sky 2012: 6 minutes and 20 seconds mark
G (low note) G (high note)
Ships fog-horn. Mood: frightening , unsettling
Using the video compilation created by Pax Galactica, Strange sounds heard from sky worldwide, I've identified the notes and chords. You may you this information to build upon your investigation of this mystery of the unknown.

Not All Strange Sounds from the Sky Video's Are Hoax's

Mainstream Explanations and Conspiracy Theories for the Unexplained Sounds at Glance

  • Poles shifting from North to South on the Earth
  • Abnormal amount of solar flares
  • Project Blue Beam
  • Meteorites hitting the Earths atmosphere
  • Earthquakes, volcanoes
  • Frequencies generated by the government for mind control
  • Underground tunnels being dug by the Illuminati
  • Fracking
  • The Earth is being played like a giant instrument by dark entities using one of the methods above
  • End times "trumpets" sounds heeding the warnings of Gods judgement

Strange sounds of deep horns, acoustic rumblings and metallic scraping have been heard all around the world since 2011.
Strange sounds of deep horns, acoustic rumblings and metallic scraping have been heard all around the world since 2011. | Source

Legendary Composer and Sound Designer Michael Stearns Recreates the Cosmic Beam-Sounds Eerily Like the Spooky Sounds Around the World

The Comic Beam was used to create a dramatic soundscape in Star Trek The Motion Picture. The Beam sounds eerily like the strange sounds from around the world.
The Comic Beam was used to create a dramatic soundscape in Star Trek The Motion Picture. The Beam sounds eerily like the strange sounds from around the world. | Source

The Cosmic Beam Sounds Eerily like the Sounds Around the World

The first time I heard these sounds from around the world, I immediately noted the uncanny similarity with an exotic instrument known as the cosmic beam.

On the 2004 Chronos Special features DVD, Michael Stearns describes the beam, which was introduced to him by Francesco Lupica. Begin the video at the 1 minute and 45 seconds point and you will note an eerie similarity with the sounds heard around the world. Francesco Lupica's Comic Beam has been used in numerous epic films including Start Trek the Motion picture and interestingly the trailer of Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds. It has been discussed that the sounds created by the alien Tripods, as they penetrated the Earth sounded remarkably like the mysterious sounds around the world. Michael Stearns explained that he enjoys using the Beam because of it's "earthtone" quality. It's noteworthy that like any stringed instrument "magnetic" pickups are an essential component to this metallic instrument. Could it be that our Earth is being played like one giant instrument by dark entities?


Put on your investigative hat and wade through the hoax's or unhelpful conspiracy's to get to the truth. If these frequencies and audible sounds are indicative of a polar shift or something else more sinister such as the opening of portals to a realm of fallen spirits, what are the consequences for humanity? More important than survival shelters is a right relationship with God. Jesus is the everlasting ark.

© 2015 Rain San Martin


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    • rainsanmartin profile image

      Rain San Martin 2 years ago from Fort Wayne

      I'm on the lookout.

    • profile image

      Wally 2 years ago

      Those video are real, you should go outside sometime!


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