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Strange Things Happening Outside The International Space Station.

Updated on January 8, 2016
Supposed Grey Alien.
Supposed Grey Alien. | Source
Earth From Space.
Earth From Space. | Source
International Space Station.
International Space Station. | Source

Real, Imaginary Or Something Else?

According to so called 'ufologists' who seem to have nothing better to do than look at pictures of the International Space Station all day and upload them to 'You Tube' the ISS (International Space Station) is being buzzed by what can only be described as UFOs.

Of course sceptics as they always do whose universe seems to consist of nothing unusual ever happens outside their boring lives put these images down to space debris, satellites, or meteors.

One video uploaded to 'You Tube' caught live on Nasa's live camera shows an orb like object that gets near to the ISS. Several videos like this are posted quite often showing similar images outside the ISS.

Tim Peake the British astronaut based on the ISS for six months is about to take a space walk so it would be interesting to see if anything flashes into view when he takes his walk into the void if he has not already done so !

Scot A Waring who edits 'UFO Sightings Daily' says these sightings are very mysterious and if they are not anything recognisable like meteors, satellites or space debris then they either have to be something alien possibly interested in what humans are up to in space or their something NASA or the government is developing that they dont want us to know about either way if these objects are not reflections off the space station itself or something we are familiar with than something rather strange is happening outside the International Space Station (ISS).


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