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Strangest 10 facts about the Pharaohs

Updated on December 17, 2014

One of the greatest and majestic civilizations on earth and throughout the ages is the Ancient Egyptian civilization Pharaonic that stunned the whole world and stop bewildered in front of the interpretation of the puzzle that greatness that spanned centuries of time, and didn't fade like other modern civilizations that can not withstand changes going through the world.

1. The King Baby ( Ka Nefer Ra ) , in order to prevent the flies from standing on his body and from annoying him, he used to be accompanied by a group of slaves who was naked and painted their bodies with honey.

2. Although antibiotics has been been discovered lately, the ancient Egyptians used to treat the infection using a bread mold which contains alpensileom fungus (Penicillium), that gives us penicillin , one of the well known antibiotics.

3. A lot of stories told us that Napoleon is responsible for the destruction of the nose of the Sphinx during the French campaign in Egypt, but some drawings of the Sphinx has been found related to the time before the advent of the French campaign in about 60 years, however it also does not appear in these drawings nose of the Sphinx. In fact the person responsible for the destruction of the nose of the Sphinx is a Muslim cleric (fasting forever) (Sa'im Al-Dahr), who was executed in 1378 on charges of destruction of public property.

4. The ancient Egyptians believed that the earth is cylindrical in shape, in the sense that some of its parts circular, others are flat, and that the River Nile is running in it's center.

5. The first pyramid was built is the pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, was surrounded by a wall 34 feet in length, and contains a wall at 15 Pope, but only one of these doors could be opened.

6. Building the Great Pyramid of Cheops took about 23 years, unlike the common belief that the workers who used to build the Great Pyramid had been a slave of 100,000 is not true. The most recent evidence shows that the builders of the pyramids were a 10,000 Egyptians skilled workers who had many financial and medical advantages and who were called with ceremonial titles as "Friends of King Khufu."

7. When embalming the body, the body was being unloaded from all the body organs , starting from the brain and even intestines and each organ is put in specific vase, but the only organ that remains in the body is the heart because the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart is the home of the soul.

8. ancient Egyptians children never worn any clothes until adolescence.

9. Pharaohs were not allowed to show his hair, this was always puts a crown or robe head like robe worn by Tutankhamun in the famous statue.

10. Women in ancient Egypt enjoyed legal and economic equality with men, but did not enjoy the same degree of social equality.


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