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Strategies that can be used by Hearththrow for improving personal networking

Updated on January 5, 2015

Heathrow authorities can improve personal networking and involvement of stakeholders in decision-making in various ways. As Doganis (2013) explains, they can achieve this objective through carefully selecting and creating formal and informal personal networks with the stakeholders. For instance, the authorities can invite customers, shareholders and employees to formal conferences that would allow personal interactions. As well, the authorities can visit such stakeholders in informal settings such as places of work and during flights. In such settings, the authorities should discus with the stakeholders about various issues involved in the decision-making process. The authorities should put more emphasis on the key internal and external stakeholders. Another strategy is to build social networks with the stakeholders directly or through the social media (through internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook) (Doganis, 2013). For instance, the authorities can form forums on social networking sites to discuss the issues involved in the decision-making process for Heathrow. Another strategy is to make regular contacts to the stakeholders via the most effective means of communication and to participate and interact with them frequently in the established personal networks (Doganis, 2013). The authorities should also build confidentiality, establish trust and develop reputation in the personal networks. This can be achieved, for instance, through ensuring that the stakeholders are always given true information and the promises made to them are met. The authorities should also identify available opportunities in the established personal networks for detailed explanation of the proposed project (Doganis, 2013). Lastly, the authorities should form business relationships with the stakeholders where there is need and they should not withhold the relevant information to the stakeholders. However, the objectives of personal network involvement can only be achieved if the authorities build an effective relationship network (Doganis, 2013). The following diagram presents a strategy for building an ideal network:


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