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Strength in the Spirit

Updated on December 8, 2013

When our thoughts run back to perils of life,

and worry, tries to just set in,

We must not fret, nor blame, or to cry,

for each, there is a strength, within.

Beyond depths of a deep ocean's depths,

to the heights of a mountain's snow,

Our spirit and power, to combat all,

is so enhanced, and continues to grow.

To follow night, will be a morning's sun,

then to rise and greet the new day,

No matter the cost, or pain or the length,

we shall endure it, come what may.

With brotherly love, a caring for all,

we'll use our hearts, in seeing it through,

There is assurance, and hope, and joy to find,

for our futures and what we do.

We all are born, to live, and to die,

and to thrive, upon an earthen clay,

How we choose to live and what we give,

determines how long we shall stay.

One greatest hope we all do have,

and for those who have shared,

A legacy full of love, and brightness,

in letting them know, we all cared.


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    • Clarke Stevens profile image

      Will Mays 6 years ago from North Kingstown, RI, United States

      Priceless wisdom. Thank you!

    • Ace Critic PW profile image

      Ace Critic PW 6 years ago from Cleveland, TX

      Lovely. ~Ace Critic PW