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Structuring your Persuasive or Argumentative Essays

Updated on May 8, 2015
Help With Persuasive Essay Writing
Help With Persuasive Essay Writing

Think back to the last argument you had with someone. It was probably a passionate exchange of upsetting words. Generally people get upset, distressed, frustrated, and irritated in an argument and neither of them resolves the issue. However when writers build arguments they avoid emotional outbursts as much as possible which often turns arguments into display of rage. The purpose of a persuasive or argumentative essay is to fully explore an issue or topic.

In persuasive writing or argumentative writing, the author convinces his readers to agree with his/her facts, particulars, sharing ethics, accepting argument, decisions and conclusions, and adopt his/her way of thinking. Strong resilient feelings energize arguments when individuals debate without emotional outlay in the subject. Arguments also mean for an individual to express him /herself. Every person is arbitrated based upon their opinions. Understanding how to structure and write a persuasive or argumentative essay is a valuable expertise. It is through arguments, that all peoples can learn how to efficiently communicate beliefs, dogmas, opinions, views and ideas to a variety of different people and groups.

In order to construct good arguments remember to...

  • Focus on a debatable point or claim
  • Establish facts
  • Support each and every claim with adequate evidences
  • Consider the social or cultural situation for the issue
  • Determinedly choose the verbal situation or writing instance

This means that writers:

  1. Consider where the written argument may appear or be printed
  2. Ask the audience what they already know and are certain of
  3. Consider the audience's alterative point of view
  4. Consider the audience's unbiased viewpoint and ask yourself if they are expected to listen to both sides before determining what to believe.

Persuasive or Argumentative Essay Writing
Persuasive or Argumentative Essay Writing

Understanding the Need for an Argumentative Writing

  • Understand the purpose and methodology of an argumentative essay
  • Recognize the anticipated outcome of an argumentative essay
  • Choose something that fits a particular view in a debatable issue
  • Investigate your argument keeping your audience in mind
  • Aim to convince the readers that the author's view on the topic is the most correct one.
  • Understand the rhetorical situation that contains five basic elements: the essay, the author, the audience, the purpose of the statement, and the situation
  • Develop a creative catchy title drawing the attention of the readers
  • Prefer sources that are dependable and provide precise, up-to-date information.

An Argument is NOT....

  1. A quarrel involving name-calling, abusive and fallacious misleading statements
  2. A prejudiced difference of opinion without any real evidence backing the ideas
  3. Factual information that is not debatable
  4. An outburst of rage that completely disregards and disrespects the audience
  5. Ideas that is speculative by logic or realistic truth

The most important thing an author keeps in mind is when persuading others he is convincing people to their beliefs or actions. Hence it becomes important to support the ideas with relevant and suitable facts, statistics and leave no space for doubt. Having said that, plan and prepare before you jump into writing a persuasive or argumentative essay. Identify the difference between a logical reasonable conclusion and an emotional sensitive point of view. Avoid emotional language and never ever make up evidences. Familiarize with all opinions about the topic, be ready to defend your side, prepare the strongest arguments you never know you might be challenged by another student or a teacher outline the viewpoints that oppose your own view.


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