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Study Abroad England Provides World-Class Educational Experience

Updated on November 13, 2012

No matter what study abroad England program you choose, you can definitely experience a rich cultural and educational experience, from world-class universities, renowned museums, global business centers and other amazing places of interest. England boasts a verdant culture and tradition from monarchy to archaeology to science and literature. The schools in England are some of the best when it comes to global standing - York University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, London School of Economics, and many more. If you have the chance to study in England, just grab it.


England is global center when it comes to business, arts, entertainment, science, politics, and of course international education. With such significant worldwide influence, when you study abroad England you can gain experience not only about English culture and history, but also global networks and communication.

Most foreign students who want to study creative arts enroll at Goldsmiths University of London that offers varied courses and programs that range from Visual Arts, Design, Dance and Performance, Theater, Music, Media and Communication, and many more. On the other hand, if you want to study business, then you can inquire about international programs at University of Westminster, which has been recognized not only in England but in other parts of the world. Here you can study business-related courses like accounting, finance, economics, business management, business information systems, human resource management, and many more.


Most foreign students who study abroad England are composed of postgraduate students who want to gain advanced mastery in their chosen fields. Research students normally attend Queen Mary University of London, which is known as the best university in London when it comes to research. It offers specialized postgraduate courses like cancer therapeutics, computer vision, film studies, Islamic studies, international relations, environmental law, genomics, polymer science, oral biology, public policy, and many more. The university is also popular for its Student Village with its 1,000 flats, private houses, and residence halls.


International Image

When it comes to international education, Oxford University is the best university because of its true international image. Foreign students from 140 countries around the world are enrolled in Oxford to study varied courses. About one-third of students at Oxford are international students, including 14% in undergraduate programs and 60% in postgraduate programs. The Faculty of Law at Oxford is one of the best institutions for legal studies around the world. Aside from the traditional law school, Oxford also offers comparative legal studies at Institute of European and Comparative Law.

Oxford University
Oxford University

Study abroad England programs are ideal for any foreign student who wants to gain world-class academic credentials. As a global center, England not only provides international education, but also a richer and deeper perspective about the world and its future.


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