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Study Abroad in USA: Criminal Justice and Legal Programs for Foreign Students

Updated on December 28, 2012

If you are interested to study abroad in USA to pursue a career in criminal justice or other legal programs, you need to make certain that you look for international education programs that are right for you. Criminal Justice is a wide field, so you must choose the best course study with solid legal education, one that can help you ensure a successful career. Many colleges and universities in the US are offering international education programs for those who want to pursue a career as a lawyer, court reporter, paralegal assistant, law enforcer, or crime investigator.

American University (Washington DC)

School of Public Affairs Department of Law and Society

Foreign students can take advanced studies in fields of criminal justice, law and society, terrorism, criminology and other special programs. One of the foremost academic institutions in Washington D.C., the School of Public Affairs Department of Justice, Law and Society confers degree programs in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, which includes master’s and PhD programs.

Arizona State University (AZ)

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

ASU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is one of the best providers of researchers and leaders in criminological research. Foreign students who want to study abroad in USA can enroll in this institution to complete undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in criminal justice and criminology. SCCJ also encourage students to focus on special research areas such as community and institutional corrections, organizational leadership, fraud, criminal justice policy and many more.

California State University Long Beach (CA)

Department of Criminal Justice

Foreign students who study abroad in USA could have a chance to advance their studies by investigating, understanding and solving social problems related to crime. CSULB’s Department of Criminal Justice offers undergraduate and graduate programs in criminal justice, an undergraduate minor in criminal justice and forensic studies, and several certificate programs in specialized field. These programs are integrated with studies in law, politics, social sciences, and even natural sciences.

Georgia State University (GA)

Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology

GSU houses the cutting edge initiative - the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, which is a partnership project of the university and local, federal and international law enforcement agencies. It has sponsored student exchanges from US and abroad and has partnerships from varied countries namely Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

Harvard University Law School (MA)

Criminal Justice Institute

International students in Harvard University Law School can take part in the curriculum-based criminal law clinical program. During their third year in HULS, students can represent indigent criminal defendants and juveniles who have been accused in the local district and juvenile courts.


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