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Study Tips For A Test That Actually Work In College

Updated on May 4, 2016

We have all crammed for a test the night before a big exam. To tell you the truth it does not make your test scores better. College can be difficult even for the student with the best grades. Some students are taking on a full load with four or five classes and maybe more. The average student takes four classes which is about twelve hours. Having to read three or four chapters a night each week for each class and also doing classwork is quite tiresome. It can be difficult if you do all this and do not prepare yourself for that midterm or final exam. With quite a few ways like being prepared, getting a good nights sleep and starting early are just a few ways you can ace that exam. We have heard of all type of ways to pass your test, but here are a couple of ways that really work.

Being Prepared

In college there is no one to give you supplies the day of the test. Bringing your pens and pencils especially if it is a math class will help the test day go a lot smoother. Some classes you will do your test out of the professors packet, some you might do it on your own paper and others you will do on a scantron. Very few professors provide you with a scantron. You can find scantrons in your schools bookstore, copy center and even a classmate. This is when the business majors are really trying to make a profit. Open book test are great to get because you have the answers right there in front of you. Open book test are always better than regular test. The grades on these type of test are much higher. These test help you with the answers to bring your test scores up. So there is no excuse why you should have a low grade.

Getting A Goods Night Rest

This may seem overrated but getting good sleep will help you focus better. Your brain will know you got rest and the answers will come to you more easily. Even if your test is first thing in the morning or that evening your body will know that it got rest that night. It helps to look over your notes one last time before bed so you can process that last information. Sometimes it helps to turn the tv,radio off and keep sound and distractions to a minimum. It also helps to play soothing music to help you sleep better. It's various types of soothing music nature sounds, oceans and rivers.

Don't Be A Procrastinator

The major Procrastinators are the ones that start a few days before or even the night before. The major procrastinators you know who you are. Your professor gives you the assignment a few weeks before the exam. Within these few weeks is when you should start studying. It also helps to look in your syllabus which is your class bible, to know when to start studying. You will be surprised at how many students especially freshman ask what is a syllabus. This is your class contract that is given on the first day of class. When you start a few weeks ahead you are able to start going over the material which helps your test score. Some professors give you a review sheet which is another class bible you should abide by. The review sheet has everything and every question that is on the test; and sometimes the review sheet is in the exact order. I'm not saying go memorize the review sheet because you still have to study. The review sheet does give you a better understanding of the test.

By now you should know how to ace that exam. These are test proven facts that actually do work for you to pass. Not only does it help you pass but ace the test with an A+.


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