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Study Tips for Kids

Updated on September 18, 2014
Once kids show signs of being distracted, they will not learn
Once kids show signs of being distracted, they will not learn

Studying for Tests

Kids get distracted very easily and getting them to focus on studying, ensuring that everything sinks in, is very difficult. The chances of them absorbing information at school is very slim so learning for a test at home is a great challenge.

Keeping them focused is important but a major challenge!

There are a few ways to help them keep their concentration, keep them interested and collect and keep all the information, with just a few easy steps.

There desks should be clear of distractions with lots of light
There desks should be clear of distractions with lots of light

Clear their Minds

For a child to avoid being distracted whilst studying it is important to ensure that there is nothing else for them to focus on, other than studying.

Make sure that when they get home they have changed into comfortable clothing.

Allow them time to eat their lunch and have a drink. Once they have done that, let them go to the toilet and then sit down with their work, knowing that there is nothing else for them to do.

Keep them away from the television and the room should be silent and peaceful.

The worst place for them to study is in their bedrooms as for little kids. this is a major distraction as it takes eye contact with just one toy to get them out of focus.

The room to study in should be clear of anything that they can touch or stare at and all that should be on the table is the books that they need.

Study Lighting

All children need good lighting for concentration so ensure that wherever you have chosen for them to sit and study, has good bright lighting directly on their paperwork.

The switch should be far from where the kids can touch it as this will also cause a distraction.

If there is no lamp that you can use then let them sit near a window with lots of light but do not allow them to face the window as they will be distracted by what is going on outside. Whether it is a bird or branch blowing in the wind, this will distract them and then they will loose focus.

Let Your Kids Tell you a Story

Before you start them studying you need to know where they are with the work by asking them to explain what the story is about. This will allow you to see how much they have actually learned in class to avoid you going over the same thing and focus on their weaker material.

Ask them questions and get them to read through their work with a highlighter.

Tell them to highlite all the points that they think are important. You will find that most of the time they highlite keywords that are useful and that stand out to them.

Draw a circle with the topic inside and then in a clockwise direction, fill out keywords or facts on the topic.
Draw a circle with the topic inside and then in a clockwise direction, fill out keywords or facts on the topic.

Diagrams for History and Long Text

No child can remember everything in "parrot fashion," therefore it is important for them to understand the facts eith keywords and diagrams.

Diagrams are easy to do and this will help them to remember all the important information without forgetting it during their tests as what you will be doing is narrowing it down into smaller text, to make it easier to remember.

Your child will draw a circle with the topic in the middle.

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Once you have got the topic; for example the Egyptians: Your circle will have Egyptians written in the circle.

You will then go through the information on Egyptians and highlight the facts.

Once you have established what the facts are then you draw a line next to the circle and write down a fact, using only keywords.

eg; If it says that the" Egyptians used reed and wood rafts to taransport large stone blocks across the River Nile for the pyramids" You need to narrow that down for your child to remember; "wood, raft reeds/ transport/ stone blocks/ pyramids/ river nile.

Each keyword is written in a new line around the circle of the topic.

When your child reads it back to you they will know thst the entire cirle is about the Egyptians. Each keyword will give them the start of a sentence that they will remember.

Do this with each topic and allow your child to draw the circles and help them find the keywords to write down. The ycan higlight the words and have a maximum of 5 circles on a page so that it will be easy for them to memorise.

Make the information on the chart short and easy to remember, by using keywords.
Make the information on the chart short and easy to remember, by using keywords.

A quick Guide to Studying Made Easier.

  • 1. Let the kids read through their work and highlite what they think are facts.
  • 2. Put it into a diagram for using only keywords
  • 3. Kids should go through the diagram and then explain their notes so that you can understand how much they have learned.
  • 4. Sleep, healthy food and preparation is important to get good results.
  • 5.Avoid distractions like paystation and television during study time.
  • 6.Ensure that they take breaks and have enough time to study, do not cram it in.
  • 7.Make it interesting by praising their efforts and listening to what they have learned.

Preparing for Tests and Studying

To ensure that children can focus on learning and absorbing information, they need to get a good nights sleep. During study and exam time, let them go to sleep earlier than usual so that they have at least a full eight hours sleep.

Make certain that they have nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables during their time of study. Do not allow them to play games or playstation during this time to avoid distractions. Their minds should be at peace and ready to absorb information.

A good source of food to help them remember is fish. Eating fish before they study will ensure that they absorb the information.

The best time to study is first thing in the morning but many of us can't get up that early and work until late. After school is fine for studying as long as you have ensured that they have taken off their uniforms, had a good lunch and have cleared the room for only test work.

Make it fun by getting involved and using coloured highlighters, diagrams and keywords for them to tell you what they are studying about.

Don't cram it all in the night before as it is impossible for them to learn that way. Give yourselves enough time to study way before the time and for the last few days before the tests or exams, you should only be doing revision.

Children have a small attention span, so go over a maximum of five diagrams and then let them take a ten minute break before coming back to go over it again.

Give them Time to Study

Set aside time for your children to do their homework and studying.

The video is just a few helpful hints on encouraging your kids to study and do their homework.

Fractions Made Easy


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      wow, homeschool is such a challenge! Thank you yes I found it helps with keeeping them interested in learning and they do actually absorb the info. My daughter just got 90% for a test studying this way.

    • Schoolmom24 profile image


      4 years ago from Oregon

      Some very good tips! I actually homeschool my two but my oldest is doing most of her work this year online. I love the study tool you showed about the circles...thanks for the reminder on that, I will be sure to show them this great study tool!

      Voted up!


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