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Study in New Zealand to Gain Better Perspective of the World

Updated on November 16, 2012
New Zealand Flag
New Zealand Flag | Source

The distinction of New Zealand when it comes to international education has gained traction lately because the whole academic structure of the country is based on British standards. Thus, foreign students mainly from English-speaking countries are comfortable to study in New Zealand. Popularly known for its picturesque landscapes, and breathtaking outdoors, the island country is also gaining a strong pull for students who want to pursue higher education. The increase of foreign students in urban centers like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch is obvious evidence.

The Best Universities of New Zealand

Most international students who study in New Zealand are enrolled in academic institutes like Lincoln University, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, and Victoria University of Wellington. Even though there are other academic centers for foreign students, the above mentioned universities are the best in New Zealand.

The University of Aukland Logo
The University of Aukland Logo

The University of Aukland

If you are determined to study in New Zealand, you must consider enrolling at the University of Auckland, which is the largest university in the country. It has almost 40,000 students studying in one main campus in Auckland and four other campuses reserved for students in special fields. Recent reports reveal that 13% of the whole student population is composed foreign students from more than 100 countries around the world. International students can study various courses like architectural studies, business management, commerce, dance studies, engineering, fine arts, health sciences, nursing, optometry, performance arts, social work and many more.

Victoria University of Wellington
Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington

Another university that you must consider if you want a world-class study in New Zealand is the Victoria University of Wellington. Established in 1897 and named after Queen Victoria of England, this foremost university offers eight departments including law, architecture and design, graduate research, humanities and social sciences, engineering science, general science, trade and administration, and education. Of these programs, the architecture and design is the most popular among foreign students. However, the university makes certain that all students can gain better perspective in their chosen field.

University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury | Source

University of Canterbury

Many international students are also enrolled in University of Canterbury. Formerly known as the Canterbury College, this university reached a top rank among universities in New Zealand because of its superior research and learning facilities and competent faculty members. It offers comprehensive programs for international students where you can study advanced studies in art history, biotechnology, computational and applied mathematics, diplomacy and international relations, European studies, film, Maori and indigenous studies, pacific studies, soil science, and many more.

Numerous scholarship grants and student loans are also available for foreign students who wish to study in New Zealand. These grants are offered by universities, government agencies, private funding agencies, and non-government organizations.


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