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Study in New Zealand to Learn Cultural Diversity

Updated on June 19, 2013

With most nations in the world forging closer ties, the demographics in the workplace is changing. Many global companies have personnel from varied races, ethnicity and culture working together a common goal. International education is an effective tool in building cultural awareness to bridge gaps common in a multicultural setting.

Many foreign students study in New Zealand to learn cultural diversity and awareness.

The education system in New Zealand is research-based and founded on the tradition of excellence distinctive of the British system. Job applicants in top multinational companies have better chances to land a high position if they have earned a degree from New Zealand. Global employers are looking for graduates with global perspective and trained to work effectively with cross-cultural setting.

Universities in New Zealand offering courses and programs for cultural awareness


Auckland University of Technology

School of Language and Culture

Foreign students can study cultural diversity in AUT through the School of Language and Culture. The faculty is made of two departments sharing focus for comprehensive understanding of societies, languages and cultures. You can either study International and Community Languages or English and Applied Linguistics. SLC also hosts research and academic centers such as the National Centre for Refugee Education, Centre for Creative Writing, and Centre for Interpreting and Translation.


Lincoln University

Lincoln University offers international programs including courses in social science and Maori Studies. Social Science students can learn the relationship of the society to the culture and economy, and the varied research methods to understand societal development. On the other hand, those taking Maori studies could enhance deeper understanding of a distinctive part of the Maori culture.


Massey University

Massey University also offers international programs in varied disciplines. Students can also focus their cultural studies through the School of Maori studies that provide understanding of culture, society and development of the Maori people. Graduates are normally equipped with comprehensive learning on how to preserve heritage and the advancement of indigenous people.


University of Auckland

The University of Auckland offers varied courses that foster cross-cultural understanding. Specific courses for foreign students include Asian Studies, Ethnomusicology, Maori Studies, Women’s Studies, Pacific Studies, Ethics, Anthropological Science, and other disciplines that equip graduates multicultural communication skills and deeper appreciation of cultural diversity.


University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury has more than 12,000 students from numerous countries around the globe. As a result, the whole university is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicity sharing a common goal of becoming tomorrow’s leaders of the world. At UC, international students who want to learn cultural diversity can focus on specific fields such as cultural studies, Maori and indigenous studies, classics, international business, European languages and cultures, anthropology, south Asian studies, sociology, pacific studies, human services and other related areas of study.

International students, who are future leaders of the world, can study in New Zealand to learn cultural diversity and to make the world a better place.


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